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Fall can bring a myriad of feelings and experiences: nostalgia, change, innovation and more. This makes for the perfect time to freshen our closets and be open to new experiences, including styles! Autumn seems to be one of those seasons where we typically wear similar pieces: pull overs, cardigans, boots, scarves, you get the picture. This makes it even more fun to mix up our outfits and try different, eye-opening looks!

I love mixing and matching staples together for fall. Think faux fur on prints, layering textures and fabrics, mixing metallics with suede and accessorizing as your main priority. Some pieces have fallen into my fall wardrobe time and time again. My 5 favorite fall fashion staples are:


Faux Fur

Faux fur is an easy guess. It can be worn on top of sweaters, tees, dresses, basically anything for fall. I love to wear my faux fur vests over jeans, paired with heeled midi boots. For this post, I’ve paired my faux fur vest with my houndstooth dress to mix up the colors. I also love pairing my fur shawl (which I thrifted in NYC – sustainable!) over a black tee or formal dress for a glamorous night out.



Tights are kind of a no-brainer. They can be worn under high waisted, wide-leg shorts, skirts, dresses, longer shirts. I actually love shorts in the colder months because it keeps outfits chic AF while keeping us warm and covered! I prefer black but recently spotted someone wearing tan tights (yes like grandma, skin colored tights) and they were actually super cute and classic looking. Definitely not old lady as I’d pictured. Tights have also recently come in a wide range of prints and designs to add flare to an all black outfit. I love fun designs on tights but feel they tend to draw too much attention to my curvy thighs so I keep to black.

Autumn whewell


So many prints! Houndstooth, plaid, deep florals, checkered, paisley, stripes – give me all of them. I particularly love a classic print in the fall. Houndstooth in my opinion can never go wrong, especially if it’s legitimate houndstooth, which lasts forever. I wouldn’t go so far as to mix one HT piece with another, but I’ve been known to buy HT gloves, jackets, dresses – it’s too fun.

Autumn Whewell


Accessories are an obvious part of fall dressing. Cooler weather makes it more fun and so much easier because of the humidity lacking. I love to pair on statement necklaces over tops, fun boots, large cocktail rings, big sunglasses, or a unique bag. I try not to wear more than one large, stand out accessory at a time, so that the piece will truly be a statement. I also tend to wear extravagant jewelry, shoes, and accessories, so featuring one at a time lessens the (dare I say it) gawdy factor.

Autumn Whewell


Layering in the fall is a must, we all know it. But it’s learning how to wear certain pieces with one another that’s the tricky part. I’ve noticed that sticking to different lengths here is key. I normally also stick to the rule of wearing a coat that is longer than the shirt or dress I’m wearing. I took a risk with this vest and it worked out!

So are you ready to dress for fall weather? I am! Bring it on New England. Don’t forget to share this post if you liked it with the buttons below and check back to my Shopping page to literally shop my closet! All of this post’s photography was done by Joel Klampert based out of Newport, Rhode Island.