7 Charming Sisters – Glitz + Glam

Hi babes! With our love of jewelry, 7 Charming Sisters is perfect for any occasion. This month, I went all out with their extravagant pieces, I do love their statement pieces. I especially enjoy wearing statement pieces around the holidays and for fall, because it adds that extra wow factor. Furthermore, I have a discount code for you, if you decide to purchase anything, make sure to use the code “AUTUMN15” at checkout for 15% off your purchase! This is seriously such a great deal, the brand also has amazing sale items! 7 Charming Sisters, built upon 7 different lines of jewelry which cater to every individuals taste and style.

bug out jeweled bug cuff bracelet

Bug Out

First up, is the Bug Out Bracelet, $37, which is a jeweled bug cuff bracelet. I couldn’t help but gawk when I saw this piece online. I obsess over bug jewelry, the combination of what is typically seen as ugly in society with the added jewels and colors make it perfect. As soon as I saw this bracelet, I knew I just HAD to have it. The bug stands out and is so gorgeous. You can wear it as a statement piece by itself, add it with other jewelry like I have here for a more formal look. I love to wear statement jewelry like this cuff and really focus on it. Sometimes, I’ll keep the rest of my look simple to draw attention to those few pieces. The bracelet took inspiration from Paula, The Executive.

pin up champagne cocktail ring

Pin Up

Secondly, the Pin Up Ring, $27, which is a champagne cocktail ring, is absolutely to die for. I love the big, bold rock with glitz around it. The champagne color is such a classic too. This I love to wear daily to dress up my outfit a bit. It can also be worn formally, to a cocktail party, or event. I really love the boldness of this ring and its versatility. This ring, inspired by Kimmie, The Life of The Party.

swept away gold ear cuff

Swept Away

The third piece sent from 7 Charming Sisters is the Swept Away Ear Cuff , $7, which is a gold ear cuff. The crystals truly make for a bold statement piece. I like to wear this piece with my hair down so that it doesn’t stand out too much! When I tuck my hair behind my ears, it stands out just enough. This ear cuff also took inspiration from Kimmie, The Life of The Party.

Autumn Whewell

Again, use my code AUTUMN15 if you purchase anything, which I highly recommend doing so! Even as a gift, you really can’t go wrong with this brand. Use the tag #7CharmingSisters to share your posts! Don’t forget to visit AutumnWhewell.com for more!