Culottes vs. Gaucho Pants vs. Wide Leg

Culottes, gaucho pants, and wide leg pants may look the same to some, but there’s actually a difference in the cut and style of each of these designs! First of all, gaucho pants have been around for quite some time, since about the 50’s, when women wanted more room in their bottoms. Since gaucho pants have wide legs they can be any length; full length, ankle, midi, or knee length.

Culottes have become the it-girl pant as of late with a French origin meaning ‘Split Skirt’ hence the skirted look. Furthermore, culottes have a flat panel on the inside of the leg, similar to pleating, which combined with the volume creates a skirted appearance.

Wide leg pants, like the name suggests, adds width to the cut of the leg, forming a flattering and comfortable look. In addition, wide leg pants are capable of many different styles and lengths. Some have a belted, high waist, others are more fitted, while some give off a bohemian vibe with their flowing volume.

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Culottes and wide leg pants are my new favorite style of bottoms. They’re so comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. I love how sophisticated they look, in addition there are so many different designs and styles, there’s something for everyone’s taste. Wide leg pants are also great for a professional look, instead of the typical black pants. To style, simply add your favorite matching top and tuck it in to accentuate your waist. Another way to style culottes is by dressing them down with a pair of loafers (like the ones from this look). For more how-to inspiration, check out this In Style post. 

In conclusion, what do you think of these options? Do you have a favorite, or preferred look? Let me know in the comments! 

Autumn Whewell



These look amazing. I love the way you styled yours.

Thank you, Karen!! I love the style and feel of these bottoms. Happy Monday 😊

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