Taking a long flight has its perks and downfalls. While it’s exciting traveling to a new place, the flights can sometimes become dull and irritating. I like to keep as busy as possible on a flight, making it go by faster and keeping me calm. Some of my favorite tips keep my mind and hands distracted. I also have tips for flying with a pet here!

Candy + Meal Time

If you’re lucky enough to fly first class, they will obviously include your meals. When I’m flying coach, I like to bring something packaged that will last a few hours before being eaten. No matter which class I’m flying, I also love to bring lots of candy and gum! This gives me something to secondarily focus on. Keeping my mind occupied. Whether I’m reading a magazine, watching a movie, or on my phone. I find snacking or chewing gum distracts me for at least a little while. Plus its yummy. Win-win.

Reading Material

I switch up reading material from books to magazines. I like to purchase a few magazines to read in case there’s no Wifi on the flight for some reason. The magazine keeps me busy while the excitement of the flight dies down. Once I’m bored with reading those, I’ll take a break and work from my phone/laptop or watch a movie. Once I’m bored with the digital world, I’ll go back and read a book. This takes my mind away  from the plane and once again, distracts me from the oh-so-boring flight. I normally bring a book with me and purchase magazines at the airport. However, I should purchase both beforehand to save money. Convenience gets the better of me.

Digital Distractions

If you’re blessed with Wifi on the flight, this can consume your entire trip. Without ever needing another distraction. Hello social media. JetBlue now actually offers FREE Wifi on every single one of their flights. Hallejulah. I like to bring my MacBook for work, when switching off from my phone. Having both keeps me the busiest. I also do this when working from home, so it’s a normal situation. There are also movies on most flights now. I like to time my flight by watching movies too. For example, I’ll read for as long as I can. Then watch a movie (about 2 hours down), then have a snack/meal, distract with my phone/laptop then watch another movie (2 more hours cut off). This honestly makes the time fly by. (No pun intended, or was it?)

Keep Moving

I get up to stretch my legs, stand up a bit, and use the ladies room every 1-2 hours. This helps circulation as well as keeping the body busy. I normally get extremely restless on flights and need to move around when possible. I love the aisle seat because of this reason! I don’t recommend doing this if you have a middle or window seat. Unless you don’t mind disturbing your fellow seat mates.

Sleep It Off

Some people can fall right asleep on flights. This is especially true for red eyes. I have always wished I could sleep on flights. I normally end up falling half asleep, and then waking up in a jolted gasp with a few people looking over at me. (Embarrassing). Consequently, I personally do not like to sleep on flights and prefer a day time trip. But I do know plenty of people who will sleep for most of the journey as if it was nothing. So, if you can sleep in public, then definitely do so. You will wake feeling refreshed and have extra energy for the trip ahead.

What are your favorite tips for long flights? Did you like mine? If so, leave a comment below in the “Leave a Reply” box! If you’re looking for shopping details, you may check this page out here.

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New Years is about new beginnings, changes, the start of a new year. Is making a resolution healthy? Is trying to change drastically in a short period of time healthy? Or if it is healthy, does it work?

Many people tend to start their diets, exercise, and begin a healthier lifestyle during New Years. My local gym has been getting busier, and started to in December. If they’re not trying out a new fad diet, they’re quitting something – smoking, shopping, drinking, and so on.

While I agree, to an extent, that this New Years faith and hope can cause serious life changes or epiphanies. Do resolutions actually work? While many of you may be saying yes, they do work. They haven’t for me. This may be my cynicism typing, but a significant lifestyle change takes time. A habit takes 21 days to form.

Instead of creating a New Years resolution every year, I try to incorporate long term and short term goals into my focus. Reflecting back and really looking at how I’ve done, and what’s different from the last year causes me the most benefit. For 2018, most of my goals reflect around my career. For example, increasing my income is my main goal. This will take time and perseverance. Landing collaborations that will grant me the income I so desire, takes hard work. Increasing income, and many other goals, do not happen overnight. Just like creating this website didn’t happen over night. It took me months and months of research, work on my MacBook daily, and the drive to begin something new that I was and am still passionate about.

The thing about crushing goals, changing, or accomplishing what we want is that it takes determination. To get what we want, we have to go after it. Every day. This takes hard work, motivation, inspiration, and perseverance. So instead of making drastic changes on January 1st, the start of each new year; I instead reflect back on my life, work, relationships, and happiness. This also happens more than just on New Years. Reflections occur when I need a day dream, or an energy boost. These day dreams often cause a new goal, “aha” moment, or a new project for Autumn’s Editorial. Recently, I’ve added a Shop section, an E-Course and have joined LikeToKnow.It to share my outfits with you. All of these projects do not succeed over night, but need to be nurtured. They take time and effort to be successful.

As a result, I challenge you to look at life a different way. Look at life as if every day is your New Years. Every day is a new day with new goals, inspiration, and dreams. Wake up feeling refreshed. Let yourself know that today is a new day and you can accomplish whatever you want. All it takes is the drive. Small changes every day lead to bigger and better things.

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Black florals are a great transitional piece for spring and fall. Floral incorporates color while blending into our seasonal wardrobes. They can be paired with denim, black, and come in a wide variety of cuts and colors. Personally, I loved the blue and pink paired with black. It kept the outfit bright and fun while still getting along with fall.

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When I first saw this pleated black floral skirt from Amuse in the Galeries de Lafayette in Paris, I immediately fell in love. I didn’t think I needed it but when I tried it on, I knew I did. The high waisted cinched my waist perfectly. While the florals and crystal beading at the top added some glamour. The silk pleating really made this skirt pop in my eyes as I immediately started thinking about all the combinations I could create with it. This skirt can be paired with a white or black tee and sneakers, heels and a complimentary blouse, or even sandals in the summer.

For this look, a long sleeve black top tucked in deemed appropriate to keep eyes on the skirt and black open toe block heels. I came across this location in Newport, Rhode Island with photographer Joel Klampert and decided it was a perfect for photos.

I also paired this outfit with my Diff Eyewear in Becky with a black frame. Use my code AUTUMNW for 20% off your purchase. Unfortunately, because Amuse doesn’t seem to be online, I cannot find the exact shopping links for this ensemble but have linked similar pieces for you above.

Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell

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The Nolcha Shows Fashion Media Lounge, which was held at the Bryant Park Hotel Terrace Loft, previewed Spring/Summer 2018 collections from 8 independent accessories & beauty brands ranging from scarves to jewelry, handbags to shoes, and lipstick to eye cream, including several ethical and sustainable brands. I was lucky enough to meet these fabulous designers and understand more about what drives them, their inspiration, and goals. 

This season welcomed returning beauty brand ECRU New York (hair products & cosmetics including lipstick & mascara), and debuting brands Neubyrne (women’s art inspired footwear) and All Black (women’s fashion footwear),  SHOLDIT (innovative travel scarves), Cheryl Eve Acosta (fine art jewelry), Gallery Indonesia (jewelry, handbags, and other accessories from Indonesian artisans), Virginia Stone (luxury skincare), and TRADE by Gina La Morte (handbags for a cause). TRADE by Gina La Morte are on a mission to end the enslavement and human trafficking of women & children. A portion of all proceeds go towards organizations and initiatives that support this incredible cause.

Furthermore, Trade sells amazing Italian leather bags with a story of survivors turning into butterflies. Their designs focused on the cocoon phase of survivors, and their next stage – the butterfly, giving a beautiful variety of blues, tans, nudes, and embellishments. This really struck a cord with me and made me fall in love with the brand, I absolutely love helping and empowering women in any way possible, and Trade is accomplishing this! Another favorite was the All Black women’s footwear, with gorgeous, trendy designs including pom poms, caged heels, embellished flats, and fringe. 

Many of these designers also walked at the Nolcha Shows at Industria Studios. Stay tuned, and keep returning to AutumnWhewell.com for my review on the SS18 Nolcha runway shows!

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Indonesian Diversity S/S18 Runway Show Collection

The Indonesian Diversity SS18 Runway Show was held at the Gallery at Dream Downtown. Furthermore, the Indonesian Show included Barli Asmara, Catherine Njoo, Dian Pelangi, Doris Dorothea, Melia Wijaya, and Vivi Zubedi. The show gave viewers a chance to understand the Indonesian culture better, with gorgeous, intricate designs. The designers were a part of the NYFW First Stage, which included international designers.

Favorite Designers

My favorite looks are featured below for you from designers Barli Asmara and Catherine Njoo. Catherine Njoo used intricate gold embellishments, large crowns with a unique use of flowers. Catherine layers gold designs on top of black mesh garments. She also used checkered patterns, luxurious gold details, and kept to a gold/black/red palette. Because of the way the shapes fit the models, they transformed them into different people was magical to watch. Therefore, they delicately walked the runway as viewers photographed. Njoo also used caged dresses which created a modern, take on the dresses of the 1800’s. Personally, I love when designers take inspiration from older styles and make them glamorously new.

Barli Asmara used gorgeous white, floral designs for a clean and crisp spring collection. All of these designs were truly breath taking and such an honor to see walk down the runway, in person. Consequently, any of Asmara’s designs would be perfect for a wedding, or summer event. Let me know your favorite look in the comments!

The other designers held equally interesting designs, with use of the custom Indonesian head coverings. Other designers used a mix of plain prints with bold colors.

I cannot wait to visit more Fashion Week events! I loved the adventure in New York and feel truly blessed to be a part of this industry. Follow my Instagram for more frequent updates! For more of my personal show reviews on SS18 looks, visit AutumnWhewell.com and visit the NYFW First Stage website.

Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell Indonesian Diversity S/S18 Runway Show Collection Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell Indonesian Diversity S/S18 Runway Show Collection Indonesian Diversity S/S18 Runway Show Collection Indonesian Diversity S/S18 Runway Show Collection Autumn Whewell