There’s something really exciting about receiving an invitation to a soiree that’s a little more upper class than normal. It immediately gives you something to look forward to and begin planning. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing what to wear, if you’re going to accept the plus one offer, and also how to have your hair on the big day. Luckily, we’ve got some fabulous tips on how to rock up in style to your next big event.

Rock Up In Style With These Fabulous Tips


Choose Your Plus One Wisely

If the invitation is allowing you to bring a plus one, make sure that the person you choose to take with you is going to suit the kind of event that it is. For example, if it’s something that’s tailored around fashion, then your partner who has no interest in it might not be the right person to take with you. Choose someone who can and will enjoy the event just as much as you will. Another thing to think about is whether taking a partner is a good idea at all, especially if you’re in a new relationship. Choose wisely so that on the day you’re not regretting your choice and can have the best time possible.

Sort Out Transport

Rock Up In Style With These Fabulous Tips

One way to make an incredible first impression is by turning up to the event in style. So it might not be a red carpet event, but stepping out of a fabulous car is certainly going to turn some heads and get the conversation flowing. Head over to and see what kind of vehicle would suit the event you’re attending.

Also, it will save you from having to worry about having a few drinks while you’re there. 

Don’t Settle On The First Outfit You See

While you might have your mind set on a particular outfit to wear to your event, you should always keep an open mind and try on a few different styles to see which one you like the most. There might be a certain dress code to the event, so take someone that can give you an honest and trustworthy opinion on your outfits when you come to go shopping for the big night. Remember that looking good doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth either!

Treat Yourself To A Salon Finished Look For The Night

Rock Up In Style With These Fabulous Tips

If you’re like many women around the world, getting ready for a night out can be stressful if your hair and make up doesn’t turn out how you had it planned. Consider treating yourself to a salon finished look for the night so that you can sit back and let the professionals do your hair and make up. It will save you getting frustrated with yourself, and also allow for some pampering time so that you look nothing but your best for the evening. Another plus side is that any photos taken on the night will show you looking amazing!

Consider these tips when it comes to your next event and truly treat yourself to an evening that you deserve! 

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Finding a new perfume that suits my personal style is amazing. I enjoy refreshing my scent seasonally, and even changing it up daily! According to my mood and the weather. Using a new perfume in my daily routine brings me such joy and contentment. It’s uplifting, revitalizing, and calming when the scent rises to my nostrils. I relate using a new perfume to receiving a manicure or spa day.

How To Make Perfume Last Longer

Finding a perfect or signature scent is the first step. Making the fragrance last all day is the next. After freshening up, I like to apply lotion to my skin. While still in the steamy bathroom, I then apply the scent with one spray to my neck and one spritz to my wrist. Moisturized skin holds fragrance the best. It also helps it stay on for longer periods of time. I’ve even heard of using Vaseline on the pulse points, before spraying. If I’m not using the scent directly on me, then I enjoy spraying a couple spritz’ of perfume into the air. Right before walking into it. This creates a lighter scent that embodies the hair and outfit. It is less overwhelming. A favorite of those who prefer a delicate, barely-there fragrance.

Acca Kappa Review

I came across Acca Kappa on Instagram and adore their innovative and chic concept. Acca Kappa is known for their signature Unisex Parfum. The scent is White Moss. Created with great care using precious Lavender and Juniper essential oils. For men and women. Top notes of Lemon, Bergamot, Juniper, Citrus Accord, heart notes of Aldehyde Notes, Cardamom, Lavender, Sweet Woods and base notes of White Musk, Amber Accord, Cedar wood and Musks. This scent is definitely a new favorite of mine! It’s classic, clean, and bright. The packaging is crisp, with a black and silver bottle. I was lucky enough to receive a smaller version of the Tilia Cordata Parfum for Women and the Wisteria Parfum for Women as well.

The Tilia Cordata is a floral scent perfect for spring and summer. It’s ultra feminine. The Wisteria Parfum is a fresher scent, which is feminine as well. But comparatively similar to a powdery, right-out-of-the-shower fragrance. Acca Kappa describes the Tilia as “A floral citrusy fragrance with top notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Petit Grain, Neroli, heart notes of Linden Blossom, Magnolia, Jasmine, Rose and base notes of Cedarwood, Amber, Tonka Bean and White Musk.” While the Wisteria Parfum is listed as “A warm and enchanting Eau de Parfum with refined top notes of Lemon, Bergamot, Exotic Fruits and Melon. Heart notes of Wisteria, White Lily, Magnolia, Lilac and base notes of Heliotrope, Amber, Vanilla, Musk & Sandalwood.” Additionally, these scents are perfect for layering. For example, using the White Moss with a more feminine scent, such as the Tilia or Wisteria.

Overall, I am loving Acca Kappa. The perfumes are fresh, clean, and delightful. I am so impressed with this brand. I’ve also received several compliments in just two days of wearing their scents.

Acca Kappa Review, how to make scents perfume last longer Acca Kappa Review, how to make scents perfume last longerAcca Kappa Review, how to make scents perfume last longerAcca Kappa Review, how to make scents perfume last longer

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Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas

I’ve been searching for the perfect crop top to wear with high waisted bottoms for quite some time now. Especially this skirt. I’ve looked high and low but couldn’t find a perfect basic that matched with everything. One day, while browsing the streets of San Francisco. I came across the cutest boutique. One of the stylists suggested this white crop top. It fit perfectly! The fabric is super stretchy so it hugs all of my curves. It has tank top straps and shows just enough skin. Obviously, I had to buy it in black as well. I’ve already worn them three times since purchasing. Because they match with literally all of my high waisted bottoms: Pants, skirts, jeans. Honestly, I was so relieved when I bought these crop tops.

For this outfit in particular. I decided to wear my silver statement necklace and keep everything else fairly simple. The floral tulle skirt really speaks for itself. I also paired it with flats. Because honestly, my feet were HURTING from walking around earlier in heels. 😉 The pink metallic sunglasses also matched well with this outfit. As well as the gold ring.

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pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit

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Her style can be described as the perfect mix between feminine, chic, and contemporary to create a modern look. Autumn has always been a creative with a taste for adventure. She now plays dress up for a living while conjuring up her next escapade.

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