There are countless styles of clothes all over the world. What can be deemed as fashion really. When we think about it? It’s got something to do with what catches on with the general consumer. Most of the time this is now done through celebrities. Wearing certain clothes that are made by high tailor designers. It’s also due to the fact that many young women need inspiration in their outfit choices. Although it’s not always healthy to wear what someone else is wearing purely for the sake of it, it can breathe new life into one’s wardrobe.

But what actually constitutes or warrants a new piece becoming a part of your selection in the first place? It could be the fact that a piece fits your personal dress sense, to begin with. This could be because of a range of colors. It could be the style or influence the item is exhilirating. Or because you want it for a special occasion. All of these are valid reasons but what if you went one step further by making specific choices? Instead of sticking to one kind of style. Mixing and matching will always open you up to new options. With different ways of approaching fashion. To get this to work for you. One of the most basic steps is to give your wardrobe a yin and yang feel. For everyone one item you’re comfortable with, have another that pushes the boundaries a little bit. Get creative and start to take some risks!

A City-Friendly Neutral Dress

Dresses are like the do-all category. This item of clothing has evolved for thousands of years. From the humble days of the toga to the now diamond encrusted evening gowns worn by the rich and famous. They are a fantastic style choice for anyone as they allow for so much creativity. How they are cut at the neck, chest, hips, waist and hem makeup what kind of dress you’re wearing. The styles are so varied that it can be difficult to pick something that would suit your body type.    

So how could you possibly make your wardrobe have both a neutral and more expensive dress? The Carmen dress is quite a comprehensive type of dress that can be worn every day such as to work, to the shops, attending to family errands and more. Its unique features will be that of a high neckline as it’s not focussing too much on the shape of your bosom. It will be knee length, but variations depend on that part as you can get slightly shorter takes of this dress. The dress can be both snug and loose; it depends on what you’re after. A snug fit will be more inclined to people who work in a business where a tort dress sense is more accepted. It is double lined which tells you it’s made to be rugged and used to the hustle of highly populated cities. As the tone is lending more toward the professional lifestyle, you’ll find this dress in bold colors, such as black, blue, white and grey; neutral works best for this style.

A Classic With An Explosion Of Color

To offset any new addition to your wardrobe that might be neutral and composed of a neutral vibe, an explosion of color is warranted. Going by the yin and yang manner, for every clothing item that is more conservative and or subtle, there should be a balance of outlandishness and vibrancy. Leather jackets are always in fashion. It’s just one of those rare things that just never seems to be ‘out’. This is because this piece of clothing hasn’t evolved so much that it’s unrecognizable. Leather is still a rugged material that is made to be tough and withstand the natural elements.

Doing away with the usual, brown and black colors, leather jackets are now part of the wider color spectrum. You can buy leather jackets in explosive colors such as pink, baby blue, daffodil yellow, Ferrari red, typical 80s white, green as grass as many more. Women’s leather jackets, as opposed to men’s, are conscious of the fact that they should be hugging the lines of your figure. This can be done easily if the jacket is shorter in length.

Putting It In To Pull It Off

Not everyone feels comfortable with a dresser or drawer full of accessories. They may not have the confidence to pull of bracelets and rings to name a few. Other times, some outfits simply don’t need accessories. All too often you can see people who add things to their outfit they don’t need, and it diminishes the aim they were trying to achieve. Therefore sometimes thinking outside the box. Leaving the social norms of what can be deemed an accessory helps to build your style.

Instead of say earrings and the like. How about hair extensions that allow you to make a fuller and bouncy appearance to your style? Not only will they add thickness where it’s needed. But they can go well with styles that you wouldn’t be able to pull off otherwise. You have the added option of keratin bonds, glue-ins, clip-ins, beaded wefts in different colors and forms. Rather than getting a two-tone coloring at the salon. You can blend your darker hair with bleach blonde to match let’s say a pale or neutral color clothing item. The brand you choose is going to be important to actually pulling it off. So check the strands are high quality. Which will determine the weight and breadth of the hair. when it is spread across your own.

The Unusual Flashy Accessory

If you’re not quite into the usual accessories. A good yin to your yang would be a nose piercing. You don’t need to get your nose pierced. In order to wear this kind of accessory. You can buy nose rings that simply clip onto your nose and don’t create discomfort inside your nostrils. Bear in mind you can go quite creative with this as nose piercings sit happily in the jewellery genre too. If you want your nose accessory to stand out, it’s better to get it made out of metal, and preferably polished iron or stainless steel. 

The Opposite Of Norms

In a rather peculiar way, shoes have become more and more outlandish in every category. Business or dress shoes have stayed much the same, but they have created a tear-away style. Smarter heels are now taking the style of professional and or evening heels and getting more creative. Sometimes you just can’t evolve something without breaking what it was first intended to do. Therefore these new forms of pumps heels are bringing back the style of the 70s. Vibrant and glossy. They can be made from leather, suede, and fabrics. Such as nylon and even faux fur. 

Think of a yin and yang approach to your wardrobe as not something that is focussing on opposites. Rather this kind of undertaking is to find where you can mismatch but keep the styles of your choice intact. With just one piece of your outfit breaking the lines of the overall style. This way you can conservatively yet very creatively step outside the boundaries.

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There’s something really exciting about receiving an invitation to a soiree that’s a little more upper class than normal. It immediately gives you something to look forward to and begin planning. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing what to wear, if you’re going to accept the plus one offer, and also how to have your hair on the big day. Luckily, we’ve got some fabulous tips on how to rock up in style to your next big event.

Rock Up In Style With These Fabulous Tips


Choose Your Plus One Wisely

If the invitation is allowing you to bring a plus one, make sure that the person you choose to take with you is going to suit the kind of event that it is. For example, if it’s something that’s tailored around fashion, then your partner who has no interest in it might not be the right person to take with you. Choose someone who can and will enjoy the event just as much as you will. Another thing to think about is whether taking a partner is a good idea at all, especially if you’re in a new relationship. Choose wisely so that on the day you’re not regretting your choice and can have the best time possible.

Sort Out Transport

Rock Up In Style With These Fabulous Tips

One way to make an incredible first impression is by turning up to the event in style. So it might not be a red carpet event, but stepping out of a fabulous car is certainly going to turn some heads and get the conversation flowing. Head over to and see what kind of vehicle would suit the event you’re attending.

Also, it will save you from having to worry about having a few drinks while you’re there. 

Don’t Settle On The First Outfit You See

While you might have your mind set on a particular outfit to wear to your event, you should always keep an open mind and try on a few different styles to see which one you like the most. There might be a certain dress code to the event, so take someone that can give you an honest and trustworthy opinion on your outfits when you come to go shopping for the big night. Remember that looking good doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth either!

Treat Yourself To A Salon Finished Look For The Night

Rock Up In Style With These Fabulous Tips

If you’re like many women around the world, getting ready for a night out can be stressful if your hair and make up doesn’t turn out how you had it planned. Consider treating yourself to a salon finished look for the night so that you can sit back and let the professionals do your hair and make up. It will save you getting frustrated with yourself, and also allow for some pampering time so that you look nothing but your best for the evening. Another plus side is that any photos taken on the night will show you looking amazing!

Consider these tips when it comes to your next event and truly treat yourself to an evening that you deserve! 

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Finding a new perfume that suits my personal style is amazing. I enjoy refreshing my scent seasonally, and even changing it up daily! According to my mood and the weather. Using a new perfume in my daily routine brings me such joy and contentment. It’s uplifting, revitalizing, and calming when the scent rises to my nostrils. I relate using a new perfume to receiving a manicure or spa day.

How To Make Perfume Last Longer

Finding a perfect or signature scent is the first step. Making the fragrance last all day is the next. After freshening up, I like to apply lotion to my skin. While still in the steamy bathroom, I then apply the scent with one spray to my neck and one spritz to my wrist. Moisturized skin holds fragrance the best. It also helps it stay on for longer periods of time. I’ve even heard of using Vaseline on the pulse points, before spraying. If I’m not using the scent directly on me, then I enjoy spraying a couple spritz’ of perfume into the air. Right before walking into it. This creates a lighter scent that embodies the hair and outfit. It is less overwhelming. A favorite of those who prefer a delicate, barely-there fragrance.

Acca Kappa Review

I came across Acca Kappa on Instagram and adore their innovative and chic concept. Acca Kappa is known for their signature Unisex Parfum. The scent is White Moss. Created with great care using precious Lavender and Juniper essential oils. For men and women. Top notes of Lemon, Bergamot, Juniper, Citrus Accord, heart notes of Aldehyde Notes, Cardamom, Lavender, Sweet Woods and base notes of White Musk, Amber Accord, Cedar wood and Musks. This scent is definitely a new favorite of mine! It’s classic, clean, and bright. The packaging is crisp, with a black and silver bottle. I was lucky enough to receive a smaller version of the Tilia Cordata Parfum for Women and the Wisteria Parfum for Women as well.

The Tilia Cordata is a floral scent perfect for spring and summer. It’s ultra feminine. The Wisteria Parfum is a fresher scent, which is feminine as well. But comparatively similar to a powdery, right-out-of-the-shower fragrance. Acca Kappa describes the Tilia as “A floral citrusy fragrance with top notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Petit Grain, Neroli, heart notes of Linden Blossom, Magnolia, Jasmine, Rose and base notes of Cedarwood, Amber, Tonka Bean and White Musk.” While the Wisteria Parfum is listed as “A warm and enchanting Eau de Parfum with refined top notes of Lemon, Bergamot, Exotic Fruits and Melon. Heart notes of Wisteria, White Lily, Magnolia, Lilac and base notes of Heliotrope, Amber, Vanilla, Musk & Sandalwood.” Additionally, these scents are perfect for layering. For example, using the White Moss with a more feminine scent, such as the Tilia or Wisteria.

Overall, I am loving Acca Kappa. The perfumes are fresh, clean, and delightful. I am so impressed with this brand. I’ve also received several compliments in just two days of wearing their scents.

Acca Kappa Review, how to make scents perfume last longer Acca Kappa Review, how to make scents perfume last longerAcca Kappa Review, how to make scents perfume last longerAcca Kappa Review, how to make scents perfume last longer

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If you have a small space and are concerned with the size of it, don’t fret! There are so many interior design techniques that can help your room or house appear larger than it actually is. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Add a trim to the ceiling, doors, and outlines of the room. This adds structure to the space, creating a larger atmosphere. I prefer white trim on a lighter base color. Or adding a pop of color to a light base, etc. Something that will contrast the different shades. Trim at the top of the ceiling draws the eye upwards.
  2. Keep it light. Using light and bright colors on your walls will open up the space. You know how white clothing makes people look bigger? And dark clothing (think – black) makes people look smaller? Well, it’s the same thing with interior design! Thank you color theory. Keeping things light and using colors like white, light beige, egg, bone, pastels, make the room look bigger.
  3. Use mirrors whenever possible. This create depth within a space. Giving more light and reflective surfaces creates almost a double vision. I especially love a mirror at the end of a long hallway, on the backside wall of a dining table, and above a fireplace. Placing the mirror at the end of the space, adjacent to it’s opening, is where the reflect will give the most help.
  4. Use multi-purpose shelving and drawers. Such as an ottoman with a spacious center, drawers in the coffee table, drawers in the bed frame, or a fold out desk.

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  1. Statement furniture. Choose one or two pieces, maybe a large couch and coffee table, to fill the room. This creates less clutter and keeps everything looking clean. As compared to one couch, two chairs, one ottoman, one coffee table…. you get the idea.
  2. Stripes! Stripes are an obvious choice. You can put them on the floor with a rug elongating the room. Or put delicate striping on the walls. The color choice, boldness, and contrast type is your decision. But stripes can immediately draw the eye upwards. With vertical stripes. Or widen a room with horizontal stripes.
  3. Furniture with exposed legs. This gives the room, and furniture more space. Creating an openness underneath it, makes the overall atmosphere fresher.

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how to make a small space room look bigger interior design how to make a small space room look bigger interior design

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