Planning a holiday isn’t easy and this is especially the case if you plan on traveling at peak times. You may find that the whole thing is super expensive and you may even dread the thought of flying out as well. The whole thing can become too much, very quickly. So if you want to have a stress-free vacation or if you want to do everything you can to get the best result out of your trip then it helps to plan in advance.

Don’t Book The First Thing You See

It is very easy for you to book the first thing that you see. The sight of a white sandy beach with crystal clear waters can be enough to make anyone whip out their credit card, and this is especially the case if you want to treat your family to something extra special. Instead of doing something like this, you should use a comparison site so that you can compare the price of your chosen beach holiday. A lot of comparison sites have a “search adjacent days” option as well, so make sure that you click this because it could save you a small fortune. If you are going during the holidays because you have kids, be prepared to spend more, because there is a high chance that everyone else has the same idea.

Top Booking Tips when Going on Holiday with your Family

Be Careful When Plotting Your Changes

There’s nothing worse than booking a hotel, only to find that you don’t have enough money to book the flight because the prices have changed. Prices fluctuate all the time, so if you are planning a flight then make sure that you take the time to go over the total cost and the change-over that you may have to account for as well. For example, some flights may go directly to your destination but you’ll probably end up paying double for this.

This may be easier for the kids, but a change-over at another destination could save you thousands here, and it may even make it so you can book a nicer hotel as well. If you are concerned about the cost either way, then there are plenty of fast cash options that can help you out and they can even help you to take advantage of a last-minute deal as well!

Don’t Settle On One Airport

Traveling at peak times is never fun, so if you want to avoid any additional stress then consider looking into other airports. Remember that you are only going to be there for a couple of hours, and some airports may be able to offer you a cheaper overall experience. For example, smaller airports may be able to offer you a reduced parking fee and they may even be able to offer you more convenient travel options as well.

Top Booking Tips when Going on Holiday with your Family

If you are concerned about traveling to the airport with the kids for the first time then you really do have nothing to worry about. The whole thing is very easy and you can always look things up in advance so you can get an idea of what to expect.

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This dilemma has stayed in the unknown category until most recently. On my trip from Boston to San Francisco I was able to bring my cat, Figaro. Now needless to say, he did not enjoy this trip. I was scared $%**less. But, after all of the anxiety and worry we went through, he survived. I was able to take him to the vet before the trip in hopes of receiving an anti-anxiety medication. I walked away without one, but now have more knowledge on the subject.

flying with a cat

Cat Preparations

Preparing for the trip is probably the most stressful. Unless you are super chill and do not give a flying f*** if your cat is happy or not. But because I am a worry wart when it comes to my fur babies and family, I invested in every product possible beforehand. This included pheromone spray, calming treats, blankets, a harness, leash and collar, puppy pads, and cat wipes.

I did not give Figaro breakfast the morning of the flight and made sure he used the litter box before leaving as well. I actually locked him in my bathroom, where his box is, until he did his business. The flight was at 10am, and we left at 6:30am. I gave him a calming treat and sprayed the pheromone spray inside his carrier.

Figaro had the most stress on the drive to the airport, in my opinion. He was howling and clearly did not like the movement of the car. I was able to let his head peak out for a bit which calmed he down A LOT.

Inside The Airport + Security

I let Figaro out (with his leash on) in the restroom so he could stretch for a moment. Figaro was so stressed he wouldn’t eat or drink. I also set up a mini-litter box in case he had to go. He didn’t want this either. When we reached security, I informed them that I had a cat, and after he made a joke about cat scans, proceeded to help me with Figaro. He seemed TERRIFIED and basically froze, but didn’t try to get away from me. I gave him plenty of kisses too. Security then swiped my hands and then I was able to put Figaro bag in his carrier. At that point, he was more than happy to go back in.

During The Flight

Figaro stayed under the seat in front of me, in his carrier for the entirety of the trip. I would check on him about every hour and gives him pets. I heard one meow when we were taking off, but that’s about it. Hoping that the general quietness of the plane was more peaceful than the hectic airport. Want to learn how to survive a long flight while staying busy? Check out this post here.

After The Flight

I was honestly so happy that he was alive. I was terrified he would be panting too much, become dehydrated, and pass out or worse. So the fact that he was meowing at me, and breathing was a dream come true. This may have been an overreaction, but it was my first time flying with a pet. I let him out again in the handicapped bathroom and tapped his mouth with a bit of water. He was desperate for a calming environment at that point.

Once we got home, he drank plenty of water and ate. It took him an hour or two to adjust fully but he calmed right down and was very thankful to be out of there. I have never seen him to needy and friendly. Overall, the experience wasn’t horrible and I’m so glad I know what to expect now. My worried-ness and over thinking caused the situation to be bigger than it was. But once we were on the flight, I didn’t worry as much. I’m sure I will fly with him again.

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Taking a long flight has its perks and downfalls. While it’s exciting traveling to a new place, the flights can sometimes become dull and irritating. I like to keep as busy as possible on a flight, making it go by faster and keeping me calm. Some of my favorite tips keep my mind and hands distracted. I also have tips for flying with a pet here!

Candy + Meal Time

If you’re lucky enough to fly first class, they will obviously include your meals. When I’m flying coach, I like to bring something packaged that will last a few hours before being eaten. No matter which class I’m flying, I also love to bring lots of candy and gum! This gives me something to secondarily focus on. Keeping my mind occupied. Whether I’m reading a magazine, watching a movie, or on my phone. I find snacking or chewing gum distracts me for at least a little while. Plus its yummy. Win-win.

Reading Material

I switch up reading material from books to magazines. I like to purchase a few magazines to read in case there’s no Wifi on the flight for some reason. The magazine keeps me busy while the excitement of the flight dies down. Once I’m bored with reading those, I’ll take a break and work from my phone/laptop or watch a movie. Once I’m bored with the digital world, I’ll go back and read a book. This takes my mind away  from the plane and once again, distracts me from the oh-so-boring flight. I normally bring a book with me and purchase magazines at the airport. However, I should purchase both beforehand to save money. Convenience gets the better of me.

Digital Distractions

If you’re blessed with Wifi on the flight, this can consume your entire trip. Without ever needing another distraction. Hello social media. JetBlue now actually offers FREE Wifi on every single one of their flights. Hallejulah. I like to bring my MacBook for work, when switching off from my phone. Having both keeps me the busiest. I also do this when working from home, so it’s a normal situation. There are also movies on most flights now. I like to time my flight by watching movies too. For example, I’ll read for as long as I can. Then watch a movie (about 2 hours down), then have a snack/meal, distract with my phone/laptop then watch another movie (2 more hours cut off). This honestly makes the time fly by. (No pun intended, or was it?)

Keep Moving

I get up to stretch my legs, stand up a bit, and use the ladies room every 1-2 hours. This helps circulation as well as keeping the body busy. I normally get extremely restless on flights and need to move around when possible. I love the aisle seat because of this reason! I don’t recommend doing this if you have a middle or window seat. Unless you don’t mind disturbing your fellow seat mates.

Sleep It Off

Some people can fall right asleep on flights. This is especially true for red eyes. I have always wished I could sleep on flights. I normally end up falling half asleep, and then waking up in a jolted gasp with a few people looking over at me. (Embarrassing). Consequently, I personally do not like to sleep on flights and prefer a day time trip. But I do know plenty of people who will sleep for most of the journey as if it was nothing. So, if you can sleep in public, then definitely do so. You will wake feeling refreshed and have extra energy for the trip ahead.

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved vintage, classic fashion. That old Hollywood vibe, the Audrey Hepburn classic looks from Pretty Face. The classic glamour that never goes out of style. Finding an original, incredibly unique piece that I will love forever is better than anything fast fashion can give me. Think of a designer bag you’ve been coveting for months, a fur coat, diamonds and pearls. This is why I love thrift shopping. If done right, the best statement pieces can be found.

Thrift Location

Location is everything when done right! For instance, in Rhode Island, you can find a decent amount of findings. Head to the city of Providence, and there are better thrift shops. But, in New York, or California, where more people have designer, luxury, high-end items, there is so much more. My last trip in New York, I came across a Dolce & Gabbana gown for $500 at a thrift shop. I’m still kicking myself for not buying it. It was a one of a kind piece! The top was strapless, while the corset fit like a glove. Under the bone corset top, the gown flared out into a beehive silhouette. It was honestly one of the most gorgeous, perfectly fitting dresses I’ve ever come across. (I’m also really wishing I had taken a picture…) Anyways! If you go to a well-to-do area of town, there will be more expensive finds that were taken care of as well.  Research thrift stores beforehand and have an idea of where you will go and in what time frame.


Thrift shop owners are thrifty themselves! They want the best deal they can get and of course want to sell their items. Don’t be afraid to talk the owner down on price. For instance, a $200 Burberry scarf could be talked down to $160. Especially if you mention you are out of town and won’t be able to come back. A Louis Vuitton bag can also be talked down by 10-20% if you mention authenticity. I was able to talk down a thrift store owner 10% because I made a fuss about the bag not having papers. Which brings me to my next tip…


This can be very difficult for many brands. The quality of real leather is usually better than faux. Although faux leathers and fur are becoming less easy to catch, real leather and fur can be felt. Real leather should feel dry, not oily, or slippery. Louis Vuitton is one of the easiest designers to verify authenticity. If papers aren’t available this is important to know. Check the monogram design – it should match, or be a duplicate of itself, on either side of the seams. The seams should also be of quality, and even.

Dry Cleaning

If you purchase clothes, you may steam them yourself after washing to ensure cleanliness. Consignment shops do not wash their clothes, so you may or may not buy a freshly laundered item. If you have more of an expensive piece, like a winter coat, or fur, you’ll want to bring it to the dry cleaner. They should understand that your piece may be vintage, and fragile. This will require special care and handling. And of course, treat your new pieces with care!

Happy thrifting! Here are some of my favorite finds! Including a Burberry scarf, Louis Vuitton bag, silk blouse, and fur shawl. Like what you see? Let me know below in the comments! Looking for more outfit inspo? Check out my Shop page here. 

fur shawl

burberry scarf outfit

new york fashion week

thrift louis vuitton