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Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas Pink Striped Wide Leg Pants + Black Crop Top Outfit Ideas

I’ve been searching for the perfect crop top to wear with high waisted bottoms for quite some time now. Especially this skirt. I’ve looked high and low but couldn’t find a perfect basic that matched with everything. One day, while browsing the streets of San Francisco. I came across the cutest boutique. One of the stylists suggested this white crop top. It fit perfectly! The fabric is super stretchy so it hugs all of my curves. It has tank top straps and shows just enough skin. Obviously, I had to buy it in black as well. I’ve already worn them three times since purchasing. Because they match with literally all of my high waisted bottoms: Pants, skirts, jeans. Honestly, I was so relieved when I bought these crop tops.

For this outfit in particular. I decided to wear my silver statement necklace and keep everything else fairly simple. The floral tulle skirt really speaks for itself. I also paired it with flats. Because honestly, my feet were HURTING from walking around earlier in heels. 😉 The pink metallic sunglasses also matched well with this outfit. As well as the gold ring.

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pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit pink tulle skirt and white crop top outfit

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Taking a long flight has its perks and downfalls. While it’s exciting traveling to a new place, the flights can sometimes become dull and irritating. I like to keep as busy as possible on a flight, making it go by faster and keeping me calm. Some of my favorite tips keep my mind and hands distracted. I also have tips for flying with a pet here!

Candy + Meal Time

If you’re lucky enough to fly first class, they will obviously include your meals. When I’m flying coach, I like to bring something packaged that will last a few hours before being eaten. No matter which class I’m flying, I also love to bring lots of candy and gum! This gives me something to secondarily focus on. Keeping my mind occupied. Whether I’m reading a magazine, watching a movie, or on my phone. I find snacking or chewing gum distracts me for at least a little while. Plus its yummy. Win-win.

Reading Material

I switch up reading material from books to magazines. I like to purchase a few magazines to read in case there’s no Wifi on the flight for some reason. The magazine keeps me busy while the excitement of the flight dies down. Once I’m bored with reading those, I’ll take a break and work from my phone/laptop or watch a movie. Once I’m bored with the digital world, I’ll go back and read a book. This takes my mind away  from the plane and once again, distracts me from the oh-so-boring flight. I normally bring a book with me and purchase magazines at the airport. However, I should purchase both beforehand to save money. Convenience gets the better of me.

Digital Distractions

If you’re blessed with Wifi on the flight, this can consume your entire trip. Without ever needing another distraction. Hello social media. JetBlue now actually offers FREE Wifi on every single one of their flights. Hallejulah. I like to bring my MacBook for work, when switching off from my phone. Having both keeps me the busiest. I also do this when working from home, so it’s a normal situation. There are also movies on most flights now. I like to time my flight by watching movies too. For example, I’ll read for as long as I can. Then watch a movie (about 2 hours down), then have a snack/meal, distract with my phone/laptop then watch another movie (2 more hours cut off). This honestly makes the time fly by. (No pun intended, or was it?)

Keep Moving

I get up to stretch my legs, stand up a bit, and use the ladies room every 1-2 hours. This helps circulation as well as keeping the body busy. I normally get extremely restless on flights and need to move around when possible. I love the aisle seat because of this reason! I don’t recommend doing this if you have a middle or window seat. Unless you don’t mind disturbing your fellow seat mates.

Sleep It Off

Some people can fall right asleep on flights. This is especially true for red eyes. I have always wished I could sleep on flights. I normally end up falling half asleep, and then waking up in a jolted gasp with a few people looking over at me. (Embarrassing). Consequently, I personally do not like to sleep on flights and prefer a day time trip. But I do know plenty of people who will sleep for most of the journey as if it was nothing. So, if you can sleep in public, then definitely do so. You will wake feeling refreshed and have extra energy for the trip ahead.

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Winter can be a difficult season to stay stylish in. Between the numerous layers, uncomfortable adjustments, temperature sways, ice, and so much more. What I have found keeps me the most fashionable, while staying confident and sassy, is using layers to my advantage.

For example, a casual outfit may consist of a lace camisole under a cardigan sweater followed by a leather motorcycle jacket, and then a thicker and warmer coat over that. (If it’s truly cold enough). This can be paired with many different pant, jean, or skirt options. Adding in a pair of trendy, heeled boots or over the knee boots will keep this look feeling fresh. A warm, bulky sweater with leggings or black skinny jeans, OTK boots or booties and a long camel or peat coat is also a definite winter go-to.

When going out, layers are a must as well. Picture a velvet camisole dress paired over a thin, long sleeve top. Paired with wool tights, over the knee boots, a scarf, and full or midi-length winter coat. My favorite trick for keeping winter chic, is wearing a coat that is longer than the dress, skirt, or top I am wearing. (This doesn’t include cropped jackets). Wearing a coat longer than your dress, skirt, or top, will provide your #OOTD with an elegant flare. A cute hat can also be added to give a Parisian or vintage vibe.

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Sponsored by 7 Charming Sisters, the opinions in this Holiday post are entirely my own. Purchases should be combined with the code “AUTUMN15” for 15% off the entire order!

holiday 7 Charming Sisters | Autumn Whewell

Glam Holiday Accessorizing

Dressing for the holidays is so exciting because luxurious pieces can be added effortlessly. The Girl Meets Pearl Necklace by 7 Charming Sisters is so versatile, it can be worn in the front or back. With the front version, I like to pair it with a V neck, preferably something lower cut. This necklace also works well with a holiday dress, as long as the shapes are appropriate. Wearing this necklace with a backless dress, or open-back garment is another fabulous way to style it. This immediately draws attention to the skin showing, as well as showing off the beautiful jewelry, elongating the wearer. The necklace is perfectly suitable both ways. The length of it hits me, personally, at my waist, while the connector lands at my lower neck.

The Ladylike earrings kindly sent my way by 7 Charming Sisters are delicate and glamorous all at the same time. Surrounded by bronze rose gold, dainty gemstones frame the square crystal. I adore these earrings because they make the perfect stud. Dressing up for a holiday party with these earrings creates a subtle hint of glam. I love that the studs are square. This factor provides an elegant, sharper look.

The Reach The Peak Necklace provides another glamorous way to brighten up a holiday look. The red crystal bib necklace pairs well with velvet or satin fabric. It matches particularly beautifully with a crew neckline, sweetheart, or low scoop-neck. I love the braided, black rope detail of the necklace, leading to the cascading red crystals.

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