Off to the Beach or Ballet? Featuring Unique Vintage

Outfit Details: Unique Vintage Style Sexy Plunging Halter Bow One-Piece Swimsuit Shop Pink Blush Boutique Black Tulle Mesh Midi Skirt Gray Monroe Gisele Necklace    


3 Ways to Style a Bralette with Any Outfit

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I received the included bralettes as compensation.  Backwards Day  This outfit was inspired by the trend of a deconstructed top worn either across the shoulders and unbuttoned or backwards. You heard me correctly, a good blouse, or any piece of clothing for that matter can be worn in different Read More


Fashion For Conservation: Elephantasia LFW SS18

London Fashion Week, September 2017, (LFW SS18) is hosting Elephantasia, combining conservation and couture with the vision and collaboration of 12 International designers who will unveil their unique couture interpretations of “the elephant.” The couture is made from plant-based dies, organic cotton, and recycled products including plastic bottles, rubber, and fabric. 


Athleisure 101: Outfit Ideas

So, I never thought I would actually like Athleisure on myself because I gravitate towards feminine styles and cuts that flatter my shape. I have worn this bomber jacket before but made the mistake of pairing it with other casual/sporty garments – jeans and sneakers. Today, I tried it with black velvet cigarette pants and Read More

A Lace + Denim Duo

When I first bought this lace dress I was like how TF do I wear this?? So I experimented around, dressed it up, and now I’m dressing it down. I love denim as a staple, it makes anything more casual but this combination in particular doesn’t work in technical standards. Which is why I like Read More

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.

Florals can get a little (okay – a lot) boring, especially when you see them every year when spring rolls around. I myself go through phases of wearing them, some years I truly dislike floral prints because it becomes repetitive, and fast. This year I’ve come up with a few tricks so that I won’t Read More


Feminine Feature: The Tulle Skirt

Lovelies, I know this was a popular trend a year or two ago, but I’m still loving them! Tulle skirts come in many lengths and colors, but how you pair them makes the difference. They can be worn with denim, stripes, monochrome, leather, off the shoulder, a blazer – whatever your little heart desires. 


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Customized Denim Jacket

As some of you may know I previously did a post on Louis Miller’s artwork, and he was kind enough to *hand paint* a piece for my favorite denim jacket. After sending him my jacket, I received it back about two weeks later following many emails to and fro. Upon arrival I was shocked at Read More