Everyday Makeup Routine


Figuring out an everyday beauty routine is important, it can help you get ready faster and is less time consuming day to day. While everyone has a different makeup routine, the base and starting points can be similar.

For me, a primer and setting spray have changed my routine completely. First I apply a small amount of Smashbox’s primer, then a thin layer of Clinique’s BB cream to create another base primer before foundation. I then use Dior’s Airflash foundation evenly on my entire face and drag it down to my neck.  I use my foundation brush to press in the foundation and create a smooth look. I then take a pressed powder with a lighter, fluffier brush and evenly distribute it.  After I contour, and create a winged liner, I spray on Urban Decay’s makeup setting spray.

The primer, BB cream, powder, and setting spray make life so much easier when you have oily/combination skin. It can also help when wearing makeup for more then 6-8 hours, or if you need it to last longer than usual. This has changed my routine and made life so much easier. I don’t have to apply powder constantly every few hours and my makeup LASTS.

Give it a try and shop the look:

Smash box Photo Finish Primer
Clinique BB Cream
Diorskin Airflash 


Urban Decay “all nighter” Makeup Setting Spray 


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