Customized Denim Jacket

As some of you may know I previously did a post on Louis Miller’s artwork, and he was kind enough to *hand paint* a piece for my favorite denim jacket. After sending him my jacket, I received it back about two weeks later following many emails to and fro. Upon arrival I was shocked at how beautiful the painting is! 


Louis hand painted a large tiger with sets of lilies and roses (per my request) on the back of my jacket. The details are impeccable and the jacket will fit in my wardrobe as a statement piece with ease. Looking through Louis’ Instagram and website, it is obvious he has a certain style that is trendy yet classic. I love innovative fashions like these because it expresses the wearers true personality and the artists creativity. That’s what fashion is all about, right?

I highly recommend working with Louis because of his one-of-a-kind, customized art. He is offering a *SALE* on personalized paintings for a limited time right now.

Shop the look below!


Check this denim jacket on sale from $59.50 to $45!

Classic Trucker Jacket Levi’s 




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