Fall Staples I Never Knew I Needed

When it comes to the seasons turning, I have a tendency of stocking up on tons of new clothes/shoes/accessories I don’t need instead of revamping my closet with a few updated pieces. I went ahead and did a little fall shopping at Marshall’s today and found the best stuff! While they did have loads of Free People, Theory, Wildfox, and Philosophy, I decided to stick to things I couldn’t live without which included a Philosophy pink cashmere sweater and camel blazer. Some other basics I bought for fall recently were a camel blouse, black and white striped bodysuit, a Hollister velvet crop top, and Ralph Lauren faux leather leggings. (All from Marshall’s I might add!) This year I am trying to add more minimalistic pieces to my wardrobe instead of opting for my usual “everything has to have a pattern” look.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find everything online that I bought. (Sad face). But here is what I did find for you:

Lauren Ralph Lauren Faux Leather Leggings
Hollister Velvet Crop Top $12
Theory Silk Long Sleeve Collar Shirt $79.99
Stripe Long Sleeve Bodysuit $12.99

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