Public Desire Velvet Boots

My latest purchase was two Public Desire boots that was shown on my Instagram, one I received and one is on pre-order until October 5th. My first impression of the brand was that they’re fun, different, and trendy! I was originally drawn to their perspex heels, tortoiseshell, mirrored and glitter block heels. The brand also offers a 10% student discount and 20% off for signing up for emails along with constant sales!


After receiving my Elva Mirrored Heel Ankle Boots in Grey Velvet I was pleased and slightly disappointed. The packaging was perfect, even after being shipped from the UK there was only a small amount of damage on the box. The velvet looked even better in person and was more of a blue than grey. The shape of the boot was form fitting and true to size. Upon trying them on and walking around a bit the side zipper tended to fall and bunch around my ankle. The velvet fabric fit my leg perfectly and provided lots of stretching, but also fell easily. The boots are fairly comfortable, but the discounted prices can be seen in their quality.

Overall I would purchase from this brand again because they are so fab and different from the norm. I would like if the quality was better and would not walk around all day in these. But this is to be expected from fast fashion. You get what you pay for. I am eager to see if their back zipper booties and more structured shoes fit the same way!

I was originally drawn to the brand because of these (previously sold out) booties. What do you think? Do you indulge in fast fashion even if you have to sacrifice quality?

Chloe Perspex Heeled Ankle Boots in Multi Glitter 


  1. These are so cute! I’m afraid I’m guilty of sacrificing quality for fashion sometimes. Usually, when it’s something that could be just a one season trend or something I know I’m not gonna wear too often- I’d rather get it for cheap at H&M or Forever21. The other problem I have is with shoes- chain stores often have really cute shoes but their usually not very good quality (their not leather or they only last one season). But… if I really love something (and it’s inexpensive) I’ll buy it anyway! πŸ™‚ XO

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  2. Wish I would have seen this. I just ordered these boots online. Do you have any more photos in them by chance? Do you think with knee high socks underneath, they might stay up better? Sorry for all the questions.

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    • No worries! I haven’t tried them with knee highs or tights but that might do the trick so the velvet has something to cling to. I also purchased their patent boots (they were on back order) which were too small for my usual size and the shipping to return wouldn’t have been worth it.


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