The City That Never Sleeps

This past Monday I visited New York with family for a day trip. I was enthralled to take the train and explore the city, including the Garment District + Times Square. ย 

Upon arrival after a 3 hour train ride (we probably should’ve drove!) we were starving and grabbed breakfast at the closest place we could find. We ended up networking in the Garment District and stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. For future reference, they will take a picture of you holding guitars before you’re allowed to eat – but the burgers were delicious! The Cafe provided a relaxed environment with music every age loves, which was a wonderful break from the crowded streets.


We later ventured into H&M and Forever 21. I was slightly disappointed in H&M for generally only stocking XS/S sizes and keeping their merchandise geared towards the minimalistic trend (snooze) while I could’ve bought everything in sight from Forever 21! It was full of shimmer, embroidery, lace, velvet, and even pink.

Once the sun went down, Times Square was all of a sudden full of life and vibrancy. The city lights awakened our souls and we came across The Beginning of the End, a hallway of mirrors that asks it’s viewers to think about the relationship between an object and it’s surrounding space. With tilted mirrors in front, behind, and underneath us it was hard not to gawk at the beauty of this city.

After reflecting upon this trip, what I learned was to never take a minute for granted and always be true to yourself. This I relate to fashion – dress to please yourself, not others.




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