Your Life Is What You Make It

Everyone seems to think 2016 was THE worst year of our lives. We seem to be focusing on the media, celebrity deaths, and politics when we should be focusing on bettering ourselves, our happiness, and our dreams. While my year was full of highs and lows like anyone else’s, I can look back and say I’ve enjoyed the last 11 months. 10 of which I’ve been blogging and I am so grateful for it.

Blogging isn’t just about pretty pictures or the newest trends, it’s about connecting with a larger audience I am inspired and motivated by. I can admit I was afraid to start, I was afraid people would judge me or not understand, but Chique Addiction has been a creative outlet for me, better than any hobby. So thank you, to my 500 Chique followers and IG fam, you encourage me and have allowed my imagination to wander.

So when looking back upon 2016, remember your goals in life and what makes you happy. I am excited for the new year and what the future holds.


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