gallery Au Revoir 2016

When everyone was complaining about 2016 being a horrible year and how they can’t wait until it’s over etc. etc. I thought “well it’s not that bad”, and it wasn’t, besides Trump gaining Presidency and the numerous catastrophe’s worldwide, nothing rocked me to my core. And then December hit and it hit hard. I had a few different family matters going on, luckily most of which are resolved now but I can still feel them lingering.

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle

So back to 2016 – I started blogging in March which was probably my best idea of the year. I have since joined a couple blogging groups on Instagram that give me support and advice. I quit a job where I was underpaid and under-appreciated. I received my AS in Fashion Merchandising and will have my BS this February! I learned so much through blogging, I’ve dealt with insecurities I didn’t know existed and gained the courage to face them head on.

This life is a learning experience and 2016 reminded me of that. We all have our highs and our lows so it’s essential to realize them and be grateful for what we have.



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