gallery Skinny Coffee Club Honest Review

I was eager to try the Skinny Coffee Club weight loss product after seeing it all over Instagram with numerous bloggers raving about it. When they contacted me and offered to send over their product I was excited. It took about a week to get here from the UK. Their product comes with an optional meal plan and work out regime.

I did gain a few pounds over the holidays which I am assuming I will easily lose but I am curious to see if Skinny Coffee helps.


Day 1: I followed directions and used 1 teaspoon of the coffee in a coffee pot but it just wasn’t strong enough for my dark roast taste! I didn’t have any side effects but did have my normal afternoon caffeine crash.

Day 2: I added my decaf coffee to the skinny coffee club with a bit of cream/sugar and it tasted much better.

Day 28: I missed my regular dark roast coffee so much!

Pros: I lost about 3 lbs which may or may not have been related to the coffee (I’ve been slowly losing weight); it did give me a mental boost to continue eating healthy and exercising. I didn’t have any weird side effects. The coffee has similar benefits to your average coffee (energy).

Cons: The coffee was so weak and watered down, but I’m glad I tried it!

Have you tried this product yet? What did you think?

Skinny Coffee Club gifted me this product in exchange for an honest review.ย 



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