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As we welcome the new year, I’ve made some changes and noticed many of my friends have a common factor in their relationships. Women are not protecting themselves and are soliciting what they call love over honesty, loyalty, respect and integrity. I’m not bashing relationships, I’m not bashing men, and these opinions are simply my opinions on how many young women view love and treat themselves.

Women aren’t loving themselves like they used to, or like I thought we used to. We’re diving into relationships and staying in bad ones because we are lonely. Women are staying with controlling, cheating men because they’re afraid to venture outside of their box and find what they deserve.

Trust me ladies, you deserve the world, we all do. It pains me when I see friends staying with men who are beneath them and their values. It’s a shot in the gut when I hear my friends are involved with abusive men, emotional or physical, it’s not worth it. You think this guy will change but he can’t and you will only hurt yourself in the long run.

I’m asking for you to be cautious of who you let in your life. Only let in who you deserve. If your gut and inner voice is telling you to be careful, then trust your instinct ladies. Use the new year to flush out the negative in your life and let in the positive.

xo Autumn

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  1. This makes me sad! Good for you for noticing and saying something about it. I feel like it’s sexism that is so ingrained in our society. A crazy notion that if you are dating someone that means something good about you. Instead of realizing that knowing yourself and treating yourself well is what really says something good about it. Plus, sometimes I think that females look to love relationships to get the love they didn’t get or needed as a child instead of giving it to themselves as they get older. Being treated badly….blows!

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  2. This book changed my life and is an eye opener for women that attract bad relationships: Eat, Pray, Love (they made a movie out of it but the book is much more complete) – it’s also a true story which is always a bonus πŸ˜‰

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