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I noticed wearing cami’s under tee’s started trending earlier last spring and I originally thought it was juvenile but it looked good on some people, I didn’t think I could pull it off. Then I decided to try it with a button down blouse instead of a tee shirt or plain long sleeve. This makes it a bit more professional and modern in my opinion, I distinctly remember being forced to wear a tee shirt under all my dresses as a teen.ย 


This is a perfect option for layering during the winter, even in spring when it’s chilly outside. Wearing a tee or blouse under slip dresses is another great way to sneak in some layers to stay warm!


These Valentino dupes I couldn’t resist buying! They’re not the most comfortable but what did I expect from faux leather?

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Have you worn these trends yet? What did you think of them?



  1. I tried this over the holidays and opted for a turtleneck instead of a tee and I thought it worked as well! In my opinion, it’s a hard trend to pull off, but I love how the button down turned out! I may have to try this next ๐Ÿ™‚

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