gallery Bodysuit + Flannel + Liquid Leggings

Disclosure: I’ve never favored wearing plaid in the fall, or any season for that matter and I do remember a time when I loathed it. BUT, the new ways to style it have grown on me. It’s all about the layers I’ve learned. 

Option 1: Tie a plaid top around your waist, old school style. Waist tying gave me nightmares when I first saw it and reminded me of the bad 90’s trends. It actually accentuates your waist and adds curviness to your hips (a win, win for me). It gives off a casual vibe that you can play with. I paired my plaid top with a bodysuit from TJ Maxx and liquid leggings, also from TJ’s.


Option 2: Leave the plaid top open and layer underneath with complimenting stripes. This is a favorite of mine because it’s casual but I didn’t lose any femininity by adding a statement necklace and booties!


Option 3: Ditch the flannel! Bodysuits are amazing at helping create easy outfits and they minimize lines by staying tucked in and not shifting around. I like to pair them with high waisted bottoms to give me a bit more of a shape.


What do you think of these three items? Is one in particular a favorite of yours?



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