gallery Shopping in San Francisco

Hey lovelies! I apologize for not blogging much last week, I was away in San Francisco and I have some great recommendations for you! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, it’s clean, positive, friendly, and modern.


This city requires warm clothes, it’s not your typical warm and sunny California city. There is lots of rain so dress in layers. The temperature averages about 50 degrees year round. I made the mistake of packing light layers instead of warm and was freezing until I bought a sweatshirt!


San Francisco has plenty of places to shop including Union Square where the more well-known stores are located and Chestnut Street with it’s local boutiques. I love Chestnut street because there are also places to eat while browsing. Two of my favorites, Toss Designs and Y & I boutique  are full of modern, feminine pieces. The top above is from Y&I, I couldn’t resist the bright pink! The pieces below are from Toss Designs, they have plenty of nic-naks you never knew you needed. Toss also has a great selection of clothing!


I chose to wear a black maxi and Coach boots to walk around in on this sunny day, it’s such an easy outfit that’s great for travel.


There’s always local attractions like the Painted Ladies to check out and numerous filming locations – I was able to see Grove High School (featured below) from the Princess Diaries!



What are your favorite parts of the city?

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