gallery Pop White Honest Review

So a few weeks ago I was using my purple shampoo, to get the yellow out of the blonde in my hair, I started thinking “Why don’t they have purple toothpaste, to get the yellow out of teeth?” THEN I found this heavenly product, Pop White. It’s purple toothpaste with a color correcting technology to whiten.

FullSizeRenderThe product is supposed to whiten teeth within 14 days when the toothpaste and rinse are used twice daily. I use it instead of my whitening tray from the dentist. This product is so amazing! I first do a general brushing with my “normal” toothpaste and floss then I brush with Pop White and let it sit for a minute or so, while I’m applying my face creams and such. I then rinse with Pop White and let that sit for another minute, rinse again with water and my teeth are back to being pearly white!ย FullSizeRenderThe toothpaste has a fresh mint flavor, with hints of peppermint and coconut oil for oral health. The rinse has a slight tingling feeling, similar to other mouth washes. And no, it doesn’t leave your mouth or teeth looking purple!

Have you tried this product yet? I highly recommend it!

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Pop White gifted me this product to try in exchange for an honest review.


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