gallery Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.

Florals can get a little (okay – a lot) boring, especially when you see them every year when spring rolls around. I myself go through phases of wearing them, some years I truly dislike floral prints because it becomes repetitive, and fast. This year I’ve come up with a few tricks so that I won’t get fearfully tired of them, and hopefully you won’t either!


  1. Pair with a leather jacket. – Wearing a floral print top or dress with a black leather jacket adds edginess to the look, making the feminine print less juvenille.

2. Mix the floral with other prints. – I always love mixing prints, you just have to find the right combination. Normally a good go-to is if the prints have the same or similar colors, the prints themselves matter less. For instance I like stripes with florals, leopard with florals, stripes with leopard, etc. As long as they ‘go’ together and have the right flow.


3. Pick a print with a darker base. – Again with the edginess, a darker background (featured in this post) creates a less girly vibe. This also makes for a different look than your typical light and bright florals.

IMG_94814. Try floral embroidery instead. – This is so in right now. I’m a fan of anything embroidery, especially on denim. I’ve seen floral embroidery all over denim jeans and jackets, it’s unique and makes a statement.


5. Accessorize with florals instead of wearing them. – When you accessorize with florals on a handbag, pair of shoes, or coat it adds just a hint of the pattern for a more subtle look.


The dress I’m wearing in this post is from Marshall’s, a similar can be found hereย and here!


How do you like to wear your florals? Let me know in the comments!

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