gallery Spring Is In Session

I find spring the most rejuvenating season, flowers are blooming, the skies are clearing, and the sun is welcoming. To me it means I can adjust my life, habits, and qualities to make the necessary changes I need to grow. I consider spring to be more evolving than New Years, after all how is the cold harsh weather of winter supposed to inspire someone to better themselves?

Photo by: @liolaliola

This means I make more changes than I do when the ball drops, I eat healthier and exercise more. I also drop bad habits and focus on myself even more than the year before. This year it meant I quit smoking -again- I’m 12 days strong so far! I’m focusing on being my best self, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Being a well rounded person is crucial for staying happy and healthy.

Photo by me @autumnwhewell

My chosen ways of improving myself that you can do too are:

  • Staying positive. This can mean changing thought patterns from negative to positive, and/or finding the positive in every situation possible.
  • Finding peace. I like to do yoga or something that distracts me from anything stressful. This can be going to the beach, reading, or taking a trip (day trips count!) This encourages creativity for me, and I take a step away from technology to do it.
  • Make an effort to be healthy. I try to take a walk every day, sometimes I attempt jogging, sometimes I do yoga or toning exercises. The key here is effort. I don’t get down on myself if I miss a day – no big deal, there’s always tomorrow. It’s the same with food, I TRY to eat healthy but don’t starve myself or limit all junk food + treats, everything in moderation.

What’s your favorite part about spring time? Let me know in the comments!

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