gallery 10K Followers on Instagram! – Thank you!

Hi lovelies! I hope your summer’s are being kicked off to an amazing start. I recently received 10k followers on Instagram and I am so thankful. It means the world to me that my readers truly enjoy my content and what I post about. All credit goes to you – thank you! I truly appreciate all of your thoughts and feedback!


I hope you continue to share your love of fashion, beauty, and travel with me. You can follow me on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest ❤ and don’t forget to use the share buttons to spread word about this blog – your friends and family might love just as much as we do!

If you would like me to do a Q&A post with questions regarding me, blogging, fashion, or anything else – let me know in the comments or through my contact form.

Thank you again to 10K followers on Instagram and 1,500 on WordPress! wow! I will continue to bring you the latest information on all things fashion, beauty, and travel.

(Photographer unknown for above pictures. Please tag if known). 



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