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When bodysuits became popular last year or so, I wasn’t exactly open to the idea. A leotard as a top? No thanks. It sounded pretty uncomfortable. Then it grew on me, I started seeing them everywhere and thought they might be worth the effort. So I bought a striped black and white bodysuit from Marshall’s which was $10 on sale – I wasn’t very invested in this venture, can you tell? I wore it for a few photo’s and then decided to wear it in real life, to find out the pros and cons.


Pros: they look beyond sleek, like a magical tucked in shirt that is also slimming and minimizes lines if they have the proper fabric and cut.

Cons: they can show side hip if worn with anything but high-waisted bottoms – beware!


I definitely recommend wearing high waisted bottoms with these in case they ride up a bit from movement. Normal waisted bottoms can also give the illusion of a longer torso, especially in the back. The snaps at the bottom make them super wearable in an every-day fashion. Mine had a very stretchy fabric so the length (I’m 5’7) wasn’t an issue, but I’m going to be careful with my next bodysuit to make sure it isn’t too short. I also recommend going for one with minimal lines in the back and a smooth fabric.


Overall I’m SO glad I finally tried this trend and will probably buy a lot more, as long as I can find high waisted bottoms to go with them! Have you tried bodysuits yet? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit: Tommy Hilfiger Denim | Bodysuit | Sandals

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  1. I’m still emotionally scarred from my days wearing bodysuits in my youth! But they do create such a nice ‘steam lined’ look, especially if you’re wearing a floaty skirt on the bottom, so what can you do?! Love this look x

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