I’ve heard countless opinions of fashion. Who wears these runway clothes that look so uncomfortable and outlandish? Who would wear something like that on a day to day basis? Well, the answer is, not a lot of people. No one who has a full-time job and needs to be on their feet all day. No one who wears clothes for comfort, to cover oneself and remain a functioning part of this society. Individuals who love fashion, who breathe fashion, who are inspired and motivated – driven – by fashion, are the ones who wear it (if at all). Many of us who intensely appreciate high-fashion, design, and haute couture, cannot afford the luxury of owning such things. The price points are so unattainable that only a small percentage of us can and will purchase the larger ticketed items.


Fashion is an art form. It’s about expressing our mood, individuality, how we’re feeling, what inspires us. We literally wear our hearts on our sleeve. That all black outfit says a lot about your personality. So does that frumpy outfit that’s three sizes too big for you. Or the sexy dress with heels that just might show a little too much skin for your grandmother. You can literally read how someone is feeling, or how they feel about themselves – their confidence levels – by what they choose to display on their body. Fashion is the art of expressing oneself without having to speak.


Designs on the runway are slowly copied, so while something looks unwearable, and wildly crazy to one person, it likely effects what society wears in future seasons. For instance, the color of the design, the print or texture, the way something is cut and styled, is passed down from brand to brand and eventually introduced to the mainstream, the vast majority of the public. The one trick, is that the bright colors, or odd shape and cut, will be watered down in the larger stores. So, while you may think fashion is foolish, and no one wears designer couture, or what’s seen walking down the runway, that’s highly untrue. In fact, you will wear something that was inspired, or copied timeless times, by a runway piece. This is the reason why certain demographics end up dressing the same. There are similar trends in all the department stores by the end of one fall season. Not every brand has the budget to create something new and exciting. Smaller brands copy larger brands, in a more miniscule way. It’s the perfect example of a trickle-down effect.


The awe-struck emotion I felt when I watched my first shows at Fashion Week, was something I’ll never forget. The way the clothes moved and flowed with the air on the models was pure magic. Seeing something original, with inspirations from politics, emotion, culture, is breath taking. I watched a piece of clothing that was created in someone’s mind, moved to a piece of paper, then to a needle, slowly come to life and be shown to the world for the first time. And that, is what fashion is made for.