Mustard yellow is a color I’ve struggled with, but have wanted to pull off successfully. The fit is so important when picking a color that stands out. It’s key to have a quality piece, such as wide leg trousers, high waisted bottoms, a fitted coat, or structured bag. This creates more of an effortless, chic look. Instead of a frumpy, I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing look. This I found, has been the biggest problem for me. While it’s easy to come across a stand-out color that’s in good quality, it normally comes with a high price tag. I’ve found leaning towards high quality fabrics, cuts, and styles is the best way to wear mustard.

I used to think wearing black with mustard created a bumble bee effect. If done correctly, it pairs amazingly. I chose to wear mustard yellow high waisted, skinny pants with a black, velvet crop top. I added a gold and black statement necklace. The necklace adds a classic vibe to this modern look. I found it at a consignment shop, but I adore the Egyptian style it gives. Additionally, I wore my caged black heels to match the black top.

Another way to wear mustard yellow is with neutral tones. Pairing it with my white tee, and jean jacket was a perfect match for me. The jean jacket adds a bit more embellishment to accessorize with. I also liked how the jacket was shorter than the tee, giving more layers. The white tee was an easy choice for the mustard pants. It can be worn year round as well, depending on how it’s styled. For the winter months, a checkered, houndstooth, or possibly even leopard print would suffice for a coat and gloves. For the summer, a white tee with neutral brown or beige wedges and a bright, colorful necklace would look amazing.

A third way I chose to wear the mustard yellow pants would be with navy. This is especially great in the fall and winter months. I recommend a navy blazer with velvet blue booties.

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