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New Years is about new beginnings, changes, the start of a new year. Is making a resolution healthy? Is trying to change drastically in a short period of time healthy? Or if it is healthy, does it work?

Many people tend to start their diets, exercise, and begin a healthier lifestyle during New Years. My local gym has been getting busier, and started to in December. If they’re not trying out a new fad diet, they’re quitting something – smoking, shopping, drinking, and so on.

While I agree, to an extent, that this New Years faith and hope can cause serious life changes or epiphanies. Do resolutions actually work? While many of you may be saying yes, they do work. They haven’t for me. This may be my cynicism typing, but a significant lifestyle change takes time. A habit takes 21 days to form.

Instead of creating a New Years resolution every year, I try to incorporate long term and short term goals into my focus. Reflecting back and really looking at how I’ve done, and what’s different from the last year causes me the most benefit. For 2018, most of my goals reflect around my career. For example, increasing my income is my main goal. This will take time and perseverance. Landing collaborations that will grant me the income I so desire, takes hard work. Increasing income, and many other goals, do not happen overnight. Just like creating this website didn’t happen over night. It took me months and months of research, work on my MacBook daily, and the drive to begin something new that I was and am still passionate about.

The thing about crushing goals, changing, or accomplishing what we want is that it takes determination. To get what we want, we have to go after it. Every day. This takes hard work, motivation, inspiration, and perseverance. So instead of making drastic changes on January 1st, the start of each new year; I instead reflect back on my life, work, relationships, and happiness. This also happens more than just on New Years. Reflections occur when I need a day dream, or an energy boost. These day dreams often cause a new goal, “aha” moment, or a new project for Autumn’s Editorial. Recently, I’ve added a Shop section, an E-Course and have joined LikeToKnow.It to share my outfits with you. All of these projects do not succeed over night, but need to be nurtured. They take time and effort to be successful.

As a result, I challenge you to look at life a different way. Look at life as if every day is your New Years. Every day is a new day with new goals, inspiration, and dreams. Wake up feeling refreshed. Let yourself know that today is a new day and you can accomplish whatever you want. All it takes is the drive. Small changes every day lead to bigger and better things.

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