So when you find that thing that makes you get up in the morning. That makes you hungry for life. That makes you happy. Don’t ever let it go.

There was a point in my life where I didn’t think I was capable of much. I didn’t think I could do anything. I didn’t think I was worthy of having success. Or happiness.

When I entered college, fresh out of high school, I was afraid. I was scared of the unknown. Of what the real world offered. I didn’t know if I could handle it. After transferring to a few different colleges, I gave up for a while. I did not think school was for me. I struggled so much. Because of the doubt that was in my head. Because of the worry I felt and the over thinking I did. This lasted for a few years. I didn’t have faith in myself. Additionally, I didn’t have confidence in my abilities. Whether that was career, personal, emotional, or even physical. I was full of doubt. I had no clue what I offered.

After years of blending in and just going with the flow, I went back to school. I finished my first degree and realized I actually was an intelligent human being. I actually had thoughts that were valid. My own thoughts. While finishing my Associates degree in Fashion Merchandising, I realized that I loved taking marketing classes. So I went on to pursue a Marketing degree.

This degree taught me so much, about something I felt so comfortable and at ease with. I then decided to start this blog. Which has led me to seeing and becoming who I am. It’s led me to make numerous acquaintances and connections. It led me to attending New York Fashion Week. This blog has also helped me work with some very well known brands. That I didn’t realize would ever happen. If you told me, when first entered college, that I would be working with Neutrogena, Crest, Hilton, Intel, and a big name sunglass brand – I would’ve laughed at you. Or told you “No, that’s not possible.”

But if I hadn’t started my marketing degree, this never would have happened. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be in this particular head space. I wouldn’t have known what I am truly capable of. At this point in time, I may not have everything I desire. I may not have the income I desire. I may not be where I want to be in my life. But I’m happy. I’m content. Most noteworthy, I am fulfilled. I have something that no one can take from me. I’m proud of what I do and what I love. I have never felt so empowered. The best part is that I did it myself. I proved to myself that I was, and am, good enough. I went through such struggle, for what felt like an eternity. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here today.

The take away from all of this, is that I wish that upon everyone. My readers, followers, friends, and family. To find what they truly love. And to let them know, that if they aren’t there yet. It’s okay. It’s okay to take time to find what gives you meaning. In all areas of life. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow for a bit. Until you figure it out. But it will come to you. So when you find that thing that makes you get up in the morning. That makes you hungry for life. That makes you happy. Don’t ever let it go.