If you have a small space and are concerned with the size of it, don’t fret! There are so many interior design techniques that can help your room or house appear larger than it actually is. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Add a trim to the ceiling, doors, and outlines of the room. This adds structure to the space, creating a larger atmosphere. I prefer white trim on a lighter base color. Or adding a pop of color to a light base, etc. Something that will contrast the different shades. Trim at the top of the ceiling draws the eye upwards.
  2. Keep it light. Using light and bright colors on your walls will open up the space. You know how white clothing makes people look bigger? And dark clothing (think – black) makes people look smaller? Well, it’s the same thing with interior design! Thank you color theory. Keeping things light and using colors like white, light beige, egg, bone, pastels, make the room look bigger.
  3. Use mirrors whenever possible. This create depth within a space. Giving more light and reflective surfaces creates almost a double vision. I especially love a mirror at the end of a long hallway, on the backside wall of a dining table, and above a fireplace. Placing the mirror at the end of the space, adjacent to it’s opening, is where the reflect will give the most help.
  4. Use multi-purpose shelving and drawers. Such as an ottoman with a spacious center, drawers in the coffee table, drawers in the bed frame, or a fold out desk.

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  1. Statement furniture. Choose one or two pieces, maybe a large couch and coffee table, to fill the room. This creates less clutter and keeps everything looking clean. As compared to one couch, two chairs, one ottoman, one coffee table…. you get the idea.
  2. Stripes! Stripes are an obvious choice. You can put them on the floor with a rug elongating the room. Or put delicate striping on the walls. The color choice, boldness, and contrast type is your decision. But stripes can immediately draw the eye upwards. With vertical stripes. Or widen a room with horizontal stripes.
  3. Furniture with exposed legs. This gives the room, and furniture more space. Creating an openness underneath it, makes the overall atmosphere fresher.

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how to make a small space room look bigger interior design how to make a small space room look bigger interior design

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