How To Grow Longer, Stronger Hair Naturally

I have come across a few amazing hair tips that I learned within the past few years especially. About two years ago, I had a really horrible haircut. Asking for long layers and balayage at a so-so salon was a big mistake! She gave me highlights, but then instead of balayage, she drew highlights freely by my roots. So that gave me this disgusting, zebra, stripy look. So then she gave me long layers, and ended up taking half my hair off. I was not happy with that and normally never have short hair (unless I go for the occasional 10-year lob). A few months later, I ended up getting a haircut again, and she did a really amazing job. My hair was fairly short, above my shoulders, and around my neck for quite some time. It looked healthier, and I finally loved the color again.

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Heat Protectant

So what I’ve found that works for me the most, is not using heat on my hair. If I do, I have to use a heat protectant. My favorite is the 180 professional brand. I use a combination of three products every day, or every time I wash my hair. That’s really protected my hair from adding extra damage. I use that even on days where I don’t apply heat to my hair and let it air dry. I try to let it air dry at least once a week to give it a break.

Hair Masks

I used a ton of masks on my hair at first, when it was severely broken. I put coconut oil in my hair overnight, and slept with it on. Then, I’d wash my hair twice in the morning to get the coconut oil out, so it wouldn’t be greasy. I would use hair masks from Sally’s, when I wasn’t using the coconut oil… every single time I washed. I’ve heard you’re only use the masks or oil once a week at most. I would use them every single time I showered as a normal conditioner, and just let it sit there for as long as possible. I think that really helped overall with the smoothness and the shininess. It also helped brushing easier.

Hair cuts – Helpful or Not?

I also haven’t gotten a cut for two years. This is not recommended, stylists will tell you to get a trim at least every two months. But my locks have just grown so much since, and while I do have a ton split ends, I think it’s better than having a horrible haircut. At this point time, I no longer trust stylists… I don’t trust that they’re not going to ruin my hair. So basically, I minimize heat, I try not to wash it a lot as well. I normally wash my hair every other day religiously, because my roots do get greasy (my hair is thick, but the individual strands are fine). If I don’t have to go out in public a lot or something, on the third day, I’ll put my hair up. That way, I’m not putting heat, water, or anymore damage in my locks.

Brushing Differently

Another super helpful step I’ve taken, is brushing my mane regularly in on the morning and at night. I flip my head upside down and I brush it upside down. My scalp feels so refreshed afterwards. That supposedly brings the blood flow to your head, which does something to the follicles and makes them active. This also helps distribute your natural oils. I’ll also throw a little bit of dry shampoo in the next day when I have dirty hair.

Final Thoughts

I believe the combination of all these things – between the heat protectant, masks, brushing differently, not using as much heat, and not getting a cut, has really helped it grow.  I’ve looked at natural, organic masks, but I don’t want to put egg, avocado, mayonnaise, or vegetable oil in my locks. Staying with coconut oil seemed to help the shininess and smoothness of my hair tremendously. I normally have fairly smooth tresses, but it was like hay when I ended up bleaching it too much. This even helped my split ends appear less obvious. The coconut oil is an amazing over-night body moisturizer too!

Let me know if you use any of these tips already, or if you’re planning on it, and how well they work! Visit for my hair and beauty advice!

Autumn Whewell

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