How To Accessorize With Jewelry – Tips & Tricks

Jewelry seems to be one of the easiest ways to accessorize. Styles come and go, and there are always slight differences each season, based on inspirations from past fashion lives. Jewelry, on the other hand, can only change so much. For example, pieces from my great-grandmothers collection, I still consider in style. This is probably the same for some of her clothing – she was a classic – but that’s not the point. Jewelry is so much easier (and can be more fun) to wear! 7 Charming Sisters pieces are super on-trend, and should be worn for years, and seasons to come.

Accessorizing Jewelry With 7 Charming Sisters

7 Charming Sisters kindly gifts me these pieces. My absolute favorite is this silver, crystal, statement bib necklace. Its silver with chains, crystals, and a choker. The piece starts at the collar and follows down to the bust. The bohemian theme mixed with the elegant details, make this necklace a go-to for almost any outfit. Dress it up for a formal party, sexy night on the town, or dress it down with a festival outfit. There are so many ways to rock it.

Autumn Whewell

The second piece is a gorgeous bronze, rose gold leaf link collar necklace, which is perfect for the holidays! I’m a fan of anything with leaves on it, specifically jewelry, (let’s be honest) because it reminds me of my name. But this item is truly beautiful for the fall and winter months. I’m picturing it on a red velvet dress, maybe a black sweater, or even a professional button-up. It’s so versatile, and I love mixing and matching the necklace with other metals, such as silver and gold.

Autumn Whewell Autumn Whewell

The third piece 7 Charming Sisters, is the authentic amethyst statement ring with a gold-plated metal band. I adore this ring because it gives off a 70’s bohemian vibe while staying trendy. Gemstone jewelry is truly having a moment. It’s also so easy to wear with anything! Jewelry is so versatile and easily styled, is because the colors are easy to coordinate with. For example, this ring can be worn with really any color if the other jewelry matches, and the cut is right.

Autumn Whewell

gold amethyst statement ring jewelry

SO, what do you think?! Obsessing over these pieces? Let me know in the comments! Shop these pieces by clicking on the links above or heading over to Use the discount code “AUTUMN15” at checkout for 15% off your purchase. As always, stay updated by visiting

All photographs shot by Gagandeep Singh. Check his amazing Instagram here and DM him for more information!

Autumn Whewell

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