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I was lucky enough to receive 3 months of wine samples, thanks to Vinebox. Vinebox is a monthly subscription service, founded by Matt Dukes and Rachel Vodofsky, who wanted to bring delicious wine, by the glass, to everyone. Additionally, VINEBOX uses stylish, patented glass bottles and rebottling technology to perfectly preserve from the vineyard to your glass.

autumn whewell vine box wine

Vinebox Wine – How it Works:

3 spectacular glass bottles are delivered every month. Obsessively selected by VINEBOX’s team of sommeliers. Furthermore, Vinebox offers patented technology and by-the- glass bottles. Also, this is not your standard monthly club; it’s a new way to wine.

Vineyard Partnerships:

These wines aren’t available at your local store. This is the stuff that you stumble across on a backroad trip through Tuscany, the gems that local restaurants save for a special occasion. Therefore, some of the renowned regions you will sample include Burgundy, Barolo, and Bordeaux. VINEBOX brings the stories behind each of the wines to you.

autumn whewell vinebox wine

In conclusion, upon receiving the wine, it became evident that I was in for a treat. The modern, sophisticated box offers 3 samples, along with a detailed description and elegant quotes. Consequently, one of the cards I received mentions a saying by Patrick Rothfuss “I’ve waited a long time to show these flowers how pretty you are”. In addition to this, the card gives details including the age, original location, taste, pair, and a fun fact. I tried the Virvane Chablis first. The Chablis was curated in Burgundy, France. After trying a sampling, I came to the conclusion that Vinebox truly is heavenly. Most of all, I enjoy exploring unique different tastes each bottle offers. As a result, the monthly subscription service makes the perfect Holiday gift for your favorite foodie.

Discover your own palate preferences, new regions, and some really great wine with VINEBOX.

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Sponsored by Vinebox, this post features opinions of my own. 


Autumn Whewell

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