Best Lotion For Winter Dry Itchy Skin

I love using the new Dove DermaSeries in my skincare routine to stay moisturized. The products textures are so silky and gentle! Perfect for day time and night time use. The body lotion is amazing for daily use! It’s clean, and doesn’t feel too thick. One thing I hate about using lotion in the morning is that sticky feeling I get throughout the day. This lotion doesn’t give me that feeling.

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I also love the repairing balm. It’s similar to an ointment base but feels like lotion. This I love to use on my super dry areas. Such as elbows, knees, feet, and stretch marks. Especially at night. It can also be combined with the body lotion. Providing skin with extra moisture.

Best Lotion For Winter Dry Itchy Skin

The face wash wasn’t particularly right for my combination skin. It gave my face a very nourished feeling. But I wouldn’t use it before wearing makeup. If I had dry facial skin, it may be perfect. Because my combination skin can easily turn oily throughout the day. I tend to avoid using any lotions, creams, or hydrating textures before makeup. However, if I’m staying in for the day. Without makeup. Than I will use moisturizing products.

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