Hey lovelies! Today I’m talking all about managing second (or third) hair. I have a thick head of hair but individually my strands are very fine and thin, this means I build up oil fast and would prefer to wash my hair daily if I had the time and energy. Continue Reading

Incorporating an anti-aging regimen is important to begin at a young age (25 and up) for preventative measures to stop fine lines and wrinkles from forming. An eye cream is also recommended to keep skin firm, while exfoliating at least once a week will help to refresh skin and begin the process of cell turnover!
fullsizeoutput_2e6b“Hyaluronic acid contributes significantly to cell renewal, hydration, and skin repair.” Says Admire My Skin. This will in turn reduce fine lines and wrinkles, bringing new skin to the surface. One moisturizer that won’t break the bank is the Admire My Skin Intense Hydration Collagen Cream on sale for $16.79! The Collagen Cream made my skin feel clean and healthy, not overly moisturized or dry. After just 2 uses (morning and night) I have seen an overall improvement in my skin’s tone and texture. It’s smoother, my scars are less prevalent, and my redness has been significantly reduced! I’m a fan of Admire My Skin because they do not test on animals, while the cream reduces irritation with hydrolyzed collagen which will improve your skin within 3 weeks. The cream is safe for all skin types and EVERY AGE, with a fragrance + paraben free formula. The brand compares this cream to the $280 Miracle Broth in Creme de la MerTM which also contains sea kelp bioferment.fullsizeoutput_2e6aDon’t forget to apply sunscreen every day, even in the winter or when it’s raining, if you want to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. Women age faster than men due to a greater loss in elasticity so I’m starting early with my anti-aging regimen, especially because I used tanning beds frequently when I was younger. Eating healthy, increasing your nutrition, exercising a few times a week, and NOT smoking will definitely help your skin remain it’s best self! Have you started incorporating anti-aging methods into your skincare routine? If not, it’s never too late! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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IMG_4158I was drawn to Trufora because of the brand’s crisp white and pink packaging, but it was their quality ingredients that really made it worth my while. Trufora believes in ethical, effective skincare while creating vegan, non-irritating, gluten-free items that are never tested on animals! The brand does not use fragrances, alcohols, GMO’s, or chemical sunscreen which can cause irritation, rashes, break outs, and disturb the overall balance of our delicate skin!IMG_4157My fair skin is easily irritated by lotions and many facial products so I’m pleased to say that Trufora leaves it feeling calm, hydrated and refreshed!


The Triple Action Exfoliator and Titanium Day Cream SPF 30 is exactly what my skin needed for summer! The exfoliator buffs out any uneven spots creating an unbelievably smooth, polished finish that’s ready to be tanned. Within one week my skin has become extraordinarily soft and silky, I’ve already seen a difference in my fine lines and blackheads as well! On a clean face, I use the Titanium Day Cream with SPF 30 to create the perfect natural look. The Day Cream creates a bright glow from it’s pink hue, which is similar to tinted moisturizer. I highly recommend using these products, especially if you’re a sensitive girl like me!


Have you tried Trufora? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Have you ever wanted voluminous, straight hair – you know, the kind that looks fresh and natural, not stick straight and flat? Well, have I found the product for you! The Foxy Bae Rose Gold Straightening Brush provides a shapely, smooth, effortless look that’s perfect for daily grooming.IMG_4456


Not only does the Brush provide results, but it’s distinctive, modern look would make anyone want to show it off. The Foxy Bae Brush features a matte, black finish with a shining, rose gold trim. The Brush heats up to 450 degrees, which suited my strong wave. To get maximum results, I recommend gripping your hair tightly against the brush on curlier or wavier parts, while simply brushing the sections where you desire a polished look.


The Straightening Brush features a tourmaline technology which create negative ions to produce a silky finish by sealing the cuticle, locking in moisture and minimizing frizz! Seriously, what else would you want in your go-to hair tool?

P.S.: To get $90 off your own FoxyBae Straightening Brush use my code FOXYAUTUMN at checkout!

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Zotos Professional 180PRO line came out with a new line a few months ago, the Heat Rescue Collection for those of us who love abusing our hair with hot tools. (Guilty!) I don’t know about you, but I have so much damage from using curling irons, flat irons, and blow drying my hair. Even when I resist dying it I still end up with heat damage. That’s why it’s so important to use a heat protectant like the 180PRO collection.



I’ve been growing out my hair from an accidental short cut about a year ago, so protecting my current hair growth from high temperatures is key for me. 180PRO’s Complex actually helps hair repair damage too! So if you’re thinking why bother preventing damage when you already have so much, think again!



The 180PRO Heat Rescue collection includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Polish Protector Leave in Styling Cream, and Thermal Protection Spray. I like to use the cream and spray together before any heat from styling can damage my precious locks! I also use the Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator Treatment to repair any current breakage.


I recommend using the cream, spray and treatment only on the bottom half of your hair, or ends to prevent any build up or oiliness at the roots that could flatten hair.

Do you use heat protection on your hair too? Let me know in the comments!

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 This post was sponsored by Zotos Professional. All opinions are my own.