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Glam Holiday Accessorizing

Dressing for the holidays is so exciting because luxurious pieces can be added effortlessly. The Girl Meets Pearl Necklace by 7 Charming Sisters is so versatile, it can be worn in the front or back. With the front version, I like to pair it with a V neck, preferably something lower cut. This necklace also works well with a holiday dress, as long as the shapes are appropriate. Wearing this necklace with a backless dress, or open-back garment is another fabulous way to style it. This immediately draws attention to the skin showing, as well as showing off the beautiful jewelry, elongating the wearer. The necklace is perfectly suitable both ways. The length of it hits me, personally, at my waist, while the connector lands at my lower neck.

The Ladylike earrings kindly sent my way by 7 Charming Sisters are delicate and glamorous all at the same time. Surrounded by bronze rose gold, dainty gemstones frame the square crystal. I adore these earrings because they make the perfect stud. Dressing up for a holiday party with these earrings creates a subtle hint of glam. I love that the studs are square. This factor provides an elegant, sharper look.

The Reach The Peak Necklace provides another glamorous way to brighten up a holiday look. The red crystal bib necklace pairs well with velvet or satin fabric. It matches particularly beautifully with a crew neckline, sweetheart, or low scoop-neck. I love the braided, black rope detail of the necklace, leading to the cascading red crystals.

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Tights are a garment that can easily look juvenile if not styled properly. I love tights in the winter and fall seasons because besides looking super adorable, they add a layer of warmth. I’ve noticed this piece tends to look less than mature when flats are involved. Plenty of women can pull this off, I’ve seen it done. I simply cannot. There’s something about it that reminds me of grade school and I need to put on heels immediately.

Tights can be worn with shorts, dresses, skirts, and even underneath jeans. There are plenty of color and design options. Some of my favorites have intricate, detailed designs on them. I personally enjoy wearing black or navy tights with a matching outfit. This is because this color is more flattering on me, and makes my legs appear smaller. While brighter, lighter colors will often make the appearance of something being larger than it actually is.

I love wearing black tights with high waisted black shorts. A high waisted over the knee skirt will work well also. For skirts and dresses, I enjoy wearing an over the knee length. I don’t find tights necessary with midi length or longer options. Over the knee or riding boots will work perfectly with this length. As for wearing tights with jeans, I like wearing ripped jeans with a high waisted fish net tight and a crop top for a trendy look.

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While I love this outfit, today I wanted to talk about a subject less superficial and more controversial. How women treat other women. We’re jealous of each other. We’re never good enough. Well, I’m here to tell you, that we’re all good enough and we need to stop putting each other down. The sly “joking” comment that hints at rejection, or disapproval. It’s copying each other’s looks, down to a tee, given no credit, the idea taken as it’s own. Saying one thing, and doing another.

I’m sitting here at a local Starbucks, watching the evening traffic drive by, not sipping a latte because I didn’t feel like waiting in line. I wasn’t sure what to write about tonight, so I thought I would write about something real. This blog is about empowering women, after all.

So why do we, women, put each other down? Is it jealousy? Is it not feeling good enough? Because it’s taken me about 27 years to find my worth. To love myself, wholly. To forgive myself for having stretch marks, cellulite, getting that bad hair cut, or letting my eyebrows grow in wildly. Society has done something to women that makes us believe we automatically aren’t good enough, or we need to be perfect and then we still aren’t good enough. Its drives me insane. The thing that women need to learn, is that it’s alright to be who we are, who we want, and who we strive to be. Without being intimidated by other women, instead looking up and admiring them. Whether that’s from a far or from right in front of our faces.

I try to make a positive impact, when I can, when I remember, and when it feels natural. Complimenting another person is so important in this distraught world we live in. A simple, positive comment on someone’s shoes, jewelry, makeup, or outfit can make their day. Trust me when I say this. I once was at Dunkin, picking up an early morning coffee. Well, I looked terrible (in my eyes). My hair was wet, I had barely a stitch of makeup on, I believe I was wearing my glasses. I had put together an outfit that I knew was nothing special, but would do – it was basic. Anyways, the girl behind me in line complimented me on my flats. There were nothing special. I thought they were cute when I bought them, but nothing to fawn over. She loved them, and it made my day amazing. So, do me a favor, and compliment the women in your lives more. Be a friend, not an enemy. Be kind, not conniving. Most of all, spread love.

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Mustard yellow is a color I’ve struggled with, but have wanted to pull off successfully. The fit is so important when picking a color that stands out. It’s key to have a quality piece, such as wide leg trousers, high waisted bottoms, a fitted coat, or structured bag. This creates more of an effortless, chic look. Instead of a frumpy, I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing look. This I found, has been the biggest problem for me. While it’s easy to come across a stand-out color that’s in good quality, it normally comes with a high price tag. I’ve found leaning towards high quality fabrics, cuts, and styles is the best way to wear mustard.

I used to think wearing black with mustard created a bumble bee effect. If done correctly, it pairs amazingly. I chose to wear mustard yellow high waisted, skinny pants with a black, velvet crop top. I added a gold and black statement necklace. The necklace adds a classic vibe to this modern look. I found it at a consignment shop, but I adore the Egyptian style it gives. Additionally, I wore my caged black heels to match the black top.

Another way to wear mustard yellow is with neutral tones. Pairing it with my white tee, and jean jacket was a perfect match for me. The jean jacket adds a bit more embellishment to accessorize with. I also liked how the jacket was shorter than the tee, giving more layers. The white tee was an easy choice for the mustard pants. It can be worn year round as well, depending on how it’s styled. For the winter months, a checkered, houndstooth, or possibly even leopard print would suffice for a coat and gloves. For the summer, a white tee with neutral brown or beige wedges and a bright, colorful necklace would look amazing.

A third way I chose to wear the mustard yellow pants would be with navy. This is especially great in the fall and winter months. I recommend a navy blazer with velvet blue booties.

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Autumn Whewell Autumn WhewellAutumn Whewell

Autumn Whewell


Hi lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! Did you find any amazing sales on Black Friday + Cyber Monday? Share them with me in the comments below.

I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit due to some technical difficulties this week. My MacBook was running soooo slow, it took me 4 days to edit 1 video. Yikes! I’ve also been thinking about bringing physical products into the mix. Selling directly to you, via an online boutique. Let me know what you think in the comments and answer the poll below. If you trust my style advice enough to buy from me, I want to know!!

Anyways, I wanted to throw in a little pink to my wardrobe recently. I tend to do this in the colder, cloudier months, like the dead of winter. The bad weather tends to bring me down a bit, so the pink helps cheer me up! Besides, pink is the cutest.

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This pink blouse featured was one of those items that gave me an “aha” moment. That moment when you fall in love with fashion all over again. You remember why you love clothes in the first place, and forget the horrible impact they have on society and the environment. So yes, I had one of those blissful shopping moments. The voluminous sleeves are just too fun and remind me of a garment made for dancing salsa.

I paired this hot pink blouse with my favorite pair of skinny jeans, new black flats and a pearl necklace to keep the look equally feminine. Now that I’m looking at it, this blouse would look sooo cute with matching pink trousers, or white jeans. Maybe even my high waisted, wide leg pants…. You see what a new favorite blouse can do? It definitely gets my creative juices going.

Oh…. I know that pink isn’t meant to be a winter color, and people kind of stare, wondering why I’m wearing it. But, who cares what season we’re in? If you like it, wear it!

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autumn whewell

autumn whewell