I’ll start off this post telling you what I expected from London, because what I expected and what I received are two entirely different synopsis. My idea of London was basically drawn from every movie I’ve ever seen involving the city, specifically a few Disney 2000’s. This meant that I pictured men in furry hats guarding the castle, fashion with English flags on it involving Twiggy somehow, and a very dreary type of weather pattern with lots of rain and clouds. I never had the burning desire to visit London, which is actually quite depressing when I found out how calmingly beautiful it actual is.

When I first arrived in London, the drive from the airport to the hotel wasn’t the best. I suppose like every city, the area near the airport is never kept up with. When we traveled closer to the hotel, the buildings and streets started becoming cleaner, fresher, and more elegant overall. Upon arrival of the hotel, I realized, London wasn’t bad at all. Sure, it was a bit cloudy, but after the ten minute down pours, the sun would shine again. There was an air to it like no other. The buildings had their history, there was plenty of beautiful architecture, cafe’s outside to sit and relax while having lunch, plenty of space to walk, and surprisingly – classy street art. The buildings had terraces with flowers properly arranged and were clean with freshly coated paint.

Listening to the accents around me was enough to quickly learn that I liked this city after all. Mind you, I was staying in Kensington, which is a nicer section of London. Anyways, there were plenty of tourist attractions to see, but I wanted a different route to explore. One of my most memorable days was a trip to Kensington Palace, where we had afternoon tea which was just absolutely scrumptious. The colors of the cakes, and the never ending tea filled our stomachs with joy. Inside the Palace was a bit of a bore for me, but outside we visited Princess Diana’s Memorial Garden. The Garden was blocked off but with the sun shining upon it, was truly breath taking. The Palace and Garden were centered in a large park. The park was full of fresh, green grass and dogs running around freely due to their obedient loyalty. Apparently, even the dogs knew proper manners.

It was like being transported to a different time zone. I felt a bit uneasy in a different city across the pond, until I gathered my surroundings. Afterwards, I felt unrealistically safe and comfortable, even though there had been an attack on the Metro a few days prior to our visit. One word of advice if you travel to the UK – be wary of what currency is paired with which country, especially after the Brexit. I noticed the Irish, English, and French became slightly irritated when I wasn’t sure if I should give them the Pound or Euro. Although, many places accepted major credit cards, it’s always smart to have a bit of cash on hand.

All in all, there was something about Kensington that I loved. I would highly recommend visiting, and I wish I could’ve spent more time there. I plan on making the trek again someday. Sometimes it’s easier to fall in love with cities than it is with people.

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all black outfit ideas - self reflection

This year I’m turning 27, which means 3 more years until I’m 30. Naturally, I’ve done plenty of reflection on myself, my past, my experiences, and what I really want and need to accomplish to make myself feel happy, content, and truly satisfied. Because I’ll be reaching a milestone fairly soon, I’m feeling (besides old!) a little nostalgic, empathetic, and need to share what I’ve learned with you. So here goes a few things I wish my 17 year old self understood.

– Advice I Would Give My 17 Year Old Self –

  1. No one is going to care what you wore, how you acted, who you were friends with, or what you did with your free time ten years from now. (And if they do, well then they’d better start looking for a more fulfilling life). Being yourself never goes out of style. Neither does doing what makes you happy, instead of constantly doing what others want you to do.
  2. No one person or thing can make you happy, except yourself. Not a man, not a baby, not even a fur-baby (even though they totally help), not a best friend, not superficial items, substances, not even family. You have to find what your soul needs, what energizes you and keeps your imagination running freely to move forward and find your best self.
  3. People will come and go, but you will remain the only constant in your life. People you thought you would see your entire lives, the ones you thought you couldn’t live without, and even the ones that caused you way too much stress, will most likely find a different path at some point. Moral of the story, it’s important to find whatever lights the fire in your soul, what makes you want to live and never let it go.
  4. Emotions, feelings, and mental states are all temporary. The sadness you feel from a break up, loss or death, being fired, or a vicious fight, is all temporary. Depression never lasts and neither does anxiety. To enjoy life, we have to remain self aware and understand our emotional stressors to move forward.
  5. Quality over quantity. In clothes, shoes, bags, but also time with friends, family, experiences, travel, and memories. If you’re always distracted, you will miss out on the memories you should have in the future. At the end of the day, remembering how someone made you feel and the laughs you had with them is more important than checking your feed.
  6. Do not give up. Things change – you will change, your environment, intelligence, motivation, goals and reactions will change, if you want them to. Being able to understand yourself and your actions is one of the most important things life has taught me. Just because one thing goes wrong in the day, doesn’t mean the entire day has gone to sh*t. Changing your thought process to thinking positively, or at least TRYING to, will keep your spirits and energies high. I used to laugh at people who said this, but it has changed my life.
  7. Learn to love yourself. Before you can commit to anyone else or feel a true sense of fulfillment, you need to love yourself inside and out, and who you are as a person. Accepting our flaws and inviting self improvement is a big step. This is the only way to bring yourself happiness.

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all black outfit with statement accessories - self reflection

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