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Lately I’ve started spending less and focusing more on being responsible and conscious of what I buy. When I lost a notable amount of weight, and looked at my entire closet full of clothes that didn’t fit, I realized something. I had no idea what I was going to do with all of the clothes. Consigning them but was an option, but that didn’t guarantee money back.  I could donate them to those less fortunate, which I have done often in the past. Suddenly, I realized I had wasted numerous paychecks on clothes that I only wore for a short period of time, for a quick confidence boost.

Quality Over Quantity

This led me to become more conscious about what I buy. Slowly I have stopped buying items on a whim, and really thinking about how often I will wear it, if it will last, and if the quality is decent. I began consciously thinking about fashion when I was working on my Bachelors in Marketing. Throughout my degree, I completed numerous papers about fast fashion, sustainability, fair trade, green, and vegan products. After hours of research, this taught me the true effect fast fashion has on our population, the environment, nature, the air we live in, and our overall health.

Conscious, Slow Fashion

I noticed as I would shop, looking for new clothes, I started thinking: How did making this piece of clothing affect the people who made it? How much were they paid to make this? Were animals harmed in the making? Will this item last more than a few wears and washes? This thought process caused me to buy less. Even though I was trying on clothes I would be thrilled to wear and show off. Something struck me that had never before. Fashion affects more than just the person wearing it. As this slowly became more common for me, I began focusing on buying clothes from brands that I knew would last me a full season, at the very least. I gravitated towards high quality, simple items that can be worn and paired frequently. I steered away from clothes that would go out of style the next season, and be mocked a few years down the road. During my last shopping extravaganza, I walked away from the mall with a new pair of jeans, 2 sweaters, and 1 long sleeve top. I was disgusted at my level of self control and maturity, but wildly proud of myself.

Love It, Or Leave It

The moral of the story is, focus on quality over quantity. If you absolutely love the items you are trying on, and cannot live without them in your wardrobe – buy them! Wearing the item over and over, confidently wearing it every time, means it’s yours. I don’t mean to guilt-trip those who love fashion. I love it as well. That’s why I consider myself a fashion blogger. What I want to put out into the universe and add to the fashion industry, is the importance of consciously thinking about the decisions we make. Items siting in our closet, unworn, or worn a few times, eventually going out of style. Adding to the overfilling landfills, and polluting our air and environment. I’ve made the decision to think more clearly about who my buying habits effect.

In the outfit featured above, I ultimately decided not to purchase it. But I just might let it be a special treat one of these days. Consequently, when I put it on, the pink cuffs and bright pink trousers made my face light up with happiness. I had that magic ‘aha’ moment fashion has the power to provide us with from time to time. C’est la vie. 

Autumn Whewell

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