Fashion For Conservation: Elephantasia LFW SS18

London Fashion Week, September 2017, (LFW SS18) is hosting Elephantasia, combining conservation and couture with the vision and collaboration of 12 International designers who will unveil their unique couture interpretations of “the elephant.” The couture is made from plant-based dies, organic cotton, and recycled products including plastic bottles, rubber, and fabric. 


To help mitigate the poaching crisis, Fashion For Conservation has teamed up with The Elephant Crisis Fund and the KnotonMyPlanet campaign, along with London Fashion Week and supporting organizations world-wide. Fashion For Conservation is dedicated to wildlife conservation with 75-100% of their store profits being donated.


Because of ivory poaching, 1 elephant dies every 15 minutes which means 96 elephants are killed every single day, and 35,000 are lost every year. As a passionate animal lover, this hurts my heart and soul, therefore I am more than thrilled to be helping this cause in any and every way possible. With family members turning to veganism, and I myself rethinking eating/wearing animal products, Elephantasia could not have come into my life at a better time.

Ava25400.jpgThe collection is currently previewing in 23 cities across Europe which leads up to the finale presentation during LFW SS18 as part of the 2016-2018 global tour. I will be attending the Elephantasia show at London Fashion Week and reporting upon the events. Stay tuned my loves! AD1A9718L_CDon’t forget to connect with me on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest if you haven’t already!





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