Accessorizing for the Holidays with 7 Charming Sisters

Sponsored by 7 Charming Sisters, the opinions in this Holiday post are entirely my own. Purchases should be combined with the code “AUTUMN15” for 15% off the entire order!

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Glam Holiday Accessorizing

Dressing for the holidays is so exciting because luxurious pieces can be added effortlessly. The Girl Meets Pearl Necklace by 7 Charming Sisters is so versatile, it can be worn in the front or back. With the front version, I like to pair it with a V neck, preferably something lower cut. This necklace also works well with a holiday dress, as long as the shapes are appropriate. Wearing this necklace with a backless dress, or open-back garment is another fabulous way to style it. This immediately draws attention to the skin showing, as well as showing off the beautiful jewelry, elongating the wearer. The necklace is perfectly suitable both ways. The length of it hits me, personally, at my waist, while the connector lands at my lower neck.

The Ladylike earrings kindly sent my way by 7 Charming Sisters are delicate and glamorous all at the same time. Surrounded by bronze rose gold, dainty gemstones frame the square crystal. I adore these earrings because they make the perfect stud. Dressing up for a holiday party with these earrings creates a subtle hint of glam. I love that the studs are square. This factor provides an elegant, sharper look.

The Reach The Peak Necklace provides another glamorous way to brighten up a holiday look. The red crystal bib necklace pairs well with velvet or satin fabric. It matches particularly beautifully with a crew neckline, sweetheart, or low scoop-neck. I love the braided, black rope detail of the necklace, leading to the cascading red crystals.

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Autumn Whewell

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