How To: High Waisted, Flared Denim

Flared jeans were a hit in the 70’s, then became popular again in the 90’s, with a less hippie and more grunge, casual style. With the bohemian trend making it’s way around again, so have flared jeans with high waists, but think boho-chic. This trend is fun to wear because it flatters many body types when worn with heels, elongating the legs
and torso. 



High waisted jeans (skinny or flared) are great when worn with a crop top to really cinch the waist.  Adding a belt, if possible, is another option to show off the waist. I paired my flared denim –similar style here– with a tie-front crop top from Francesca’s and a pair of navy blue wedges.


I don’t recommend this style denim for those who are petite, unless worn with a very high heel, or this could actually shorten you more. If you don’t think you would be daring enough to wear high waisted and flared denim at the same time, try one or the other first!


What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments!

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Autumn Whewell



Love the flared denim look! I used to hate it until recently when I became a little obsessed with boho chic ???? the cropped tie-at-the-front looks great! X

Same here! I hated the 90’s resemblance but now love it! Thanks for commenting ???? -Autumn


These are really hip! And they are so flattering xxx

Thanks so much, Danielle! ????-Autumn


Been there…done that….twice! Even guys like me wore flares, silk shirts, and platform shoes back then. You look great and could fit right in amongst the girls in my yearbook of 1977 🙂 Cheers.

Haha glad to hear it! I’m not sure if flared denim will be a hit for guys in 2017 though ☺️ -Autumn


Love this! ❤❤❤❤

Thank you, Danielle!


the outfit is pretty cool. Like the flared denim

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! -Autumn


This style looks great on you! xx.

Thank you so much, Kali! Enjoy the rest of your week. -Autumn


Love the boho influence, but it’s still classic enough to wear with anything!

I totally agree. Thanks for commenting! -Autumn

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