Makeup Brushes – How To Take Care of Them + How To Use Them

Why Is Cleaning Makeup Brushes Important?

Keeping our makeup brushes clean provides a better quality application, creating a smoother, more even look. Consequently, when my makeup isn’t applying evenly, especially with my eyeliner brush, I know it’s time to clean the brush! Additionally, using clean brushes will also decrease the risk of infection, and decrease spreading bacteria. As a result, this helps with keeping skin clear and fresh. Furthermore, it should reduce black heads and acne. Using dirty makeup brushes will spread bacteria and grime, increasing break outs, and nobody wants that. Just like it’s important to wash our face at the end of the day, it’s equally important to use hygienic tools. Therefore, I have been attempting to clean my brushes more often, about once a month, at night so that they have time to dry properly.

How To Take Care of Makeup Brushes

1. Rinse with warm water in the sink, let them soak a bit
2. Add a drop of face wash (or makeup brush cleanser) on the brushes
3. Wash them in an upward motion, as to not bend the bristles backwards
4. Rinse thoroughly in warm water to remove all soap and makeup
5. Place brushes in correct form and let dry on a clean towel

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15 Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes + How To Use Them

1. Kabuki Brush – to apply mineral powder

2. Powder/Blush Brush – to apply powder foundation and blush

3. Flat Top Stippling Brush – to apply light powder or creamy products
4. Angled Contour Brush – for blending and contouring

5. Liquid Foundation Brush – to apply liquid foundation
6. Large Fan Brush – to apply blush, blending, highlights, and for brushing off excess powder
7. Concealer Brush – for concealing a concentrated area

8. Medium Blender – for blending

9. Smudging Brush – to smudge specific area of a smoky eye
10. Crease Shader – for controlled application of shadow on eye creases

11. Large Domed Shader – to shade powders and moisturizer-based products
12. Precision Concealer – to apply concealer to small, targeted areas

13. Rounded Liner Brush – for applying cream eyeliner products

14. Angled Lining Brush – for precise eyeliner application

15. Lip Liner Brush with cap – to apply lip liner for a smooth contour

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