Lace Top Over Bralette Outfit

I’ve been struggling with wearing bralette’s lately, they’re so cute and easy to wear for some people. When I was at a heavier weight all I wanted to do was wear bralettes and show off my physique, they’re so dainty and feminine. Now that I’m allowing myself to wear them (I could’ve before but didn’t) I feel they sometimes show too much skin. This may be a part of reintroducing myself to fashion and relearning what my body looks like at a smaller weight, but I am trying to become more comfortable wearing clothing that I truly enjoy.  Pro-tip: if you think you don’t have the “body” for bralettes like I did wear a regular bra underneath that’s the same color and voila! You have a cute summer look to rock around town. P.S.: Every body is a bralette body.


This photo above gives me so many Central Park vibes, I loved shooting on the bench. All I’m missing is a latte in a mug and some snow, and maybe a faux fur coat. I loved this outfit because the black Bar III lace dress is a perfect way to show just enough while still remaining subtle. I paired it over Gap’s super high rise true skinny jeans and wore black caged heels (that went on sale without me!) along with my square crossbody.

The Gisele Necklace featured is by Gray MonroeI loved the small marble details on the long gold chain. The sunglasses are Diff Eyewear and you can receive 25% off by using code AUTUMNW at checkout! I’m obsessed with the pink and green reflective mirror lens with a rose gold trim. They’re SO perfect for this summer. Photo’s are by Kendra Rose Photography. 

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

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Love both the top & sunglasses.

Thank you lovely! Enjoy the rest of your day!


This outfit is SO cute.

Thanks love! It’s so fun for a night out ???? enjoy the rest of your week!


Lovely outfit, and amazing hair colour! x

Thank you Rebecca! ???????????? happy Wednesday!


Love this! That outfit is so beautiful- so glad I found your blog ????

I’m so pleased you like it! Thank you love!


loved this post : )

Thank you so much! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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