Autumn Whewell | Makeup Brushes – How To Take Care of Them + How To Use Them

Why Is Cleaning Makeup Brushes Important?

Keeping our makeup brushes clean provides a better quality application, creating a smoother, more even look. Consequently, when my makeup isn’t applying evenly, especially with my eyeliner brush, I know it’s time to clean the brush! Additionally, using clean brushes will also decrease the risk of infection, and decrease spreading bacteria. As a result, this helps with keeping skin clear and fresh. Furthermore, it should reduce black heads and acne. Using dirty makeup brushes will spread bacteria and grime, increasing break outs, and nobody wants that. Just like it’s important to wash our face at the end of the day, it’s equally important to use hygienic tools. Therefore, I have been attempting to clean my brushes more often, about once a month, at night so that they have time to dry properly.

How To Take Care of Makeup Brushes

1. Rinse with warm water in the sink, let them soak a bit
2. Add a drop of face wash (or makeup brush cleanser) on the brushes
3. Wash them in an upward motion, as to not bend the bristles backwards
4. Rinse thoroughly in warm water to remove all soap and makeup
5. Place brushes in correct form and let dry on a clean towel

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15 Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes + How To Use Them

1. Kabuki Brush – to apply mineral powder

2. Powder/Blush Brush – to apply powder foundation and blush

3. Flat Top Stippling Brush – to apply light powder or creamy products
4. Angled Contour Brush – for blending and contouring

5. Liquid Foundation Brush – to apply liquid foundation
6. Large Fan Brush – to apply blush, blending, highlights, and for brushing off excess powder
7. Concealer Brush – for concealing a concentrated area

8. Medium Blender – for blending

9. Smudging Brush – to smudge specific area of a smoky eye
10. Crease Shader – for controlled application of shadow on eye creases

11. Large Domed Shader – to shade powders and moisturizer-based products
12. Precision Concealer – to apply concealer to small, targeted areas

13. Rounded Liner Brush – for applying cream eyeliner products

14. Angled Lining Brush – for precise eyeliner application

15. Lip Liner Brush with cap – to apply lip liner for a smooth contour

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What Is & Why I Use It

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What Is

I’ve recently started using, which is a shopping discover app that allows consumers – like you – to shop their screen shots. By downloading the app, you will receive a push notification with ready-to-shop product information when you screenshot enabled images from Instagram and Snapchat. As a fashion blogger, this makes my life 110% easier to link all of my outfits and shopping details with. This app also makes it easier for my readers, because I offer multiple product options so you can always find what you need. This decreases the chances of a broken link or sold out item, so you can shop on happily my friends!

How Do I Use

  1. Download the app to shop your screenshots
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  3. Shop the products featured in your screen shots

You no longer need to receive emails for the service. Just go to your ‘account settings’ then ’email preferences’, and you can turn them off to shop the screen shots directly in the app.

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Style Alter Ego | 7 Charming Sisters x Autumn Whewell

I’ve talked about this brand a few times, but wanted to give my readers the full scoop. 7 Charming Sisters is the brainchild of seven “work sisters” who’ve been colleagues for 10 to 15 years. The style sisters are: Paula, the elegant Executive, Kim, the vivacious Life of the Party, Jennifer, the dedicated Fashionista, Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly, Jessica, the smart and Sexy Nerd,  Kimberly, the cute All-American Girl and Sylvia, the Super Mom. 7 Charming Sisters has a deep commitment to helping those with disabilities find jobs, and employs disabled people in their studio who earn commission for every piece sold.

black crystal cocktail ring

Style: Alter Ego Black Crystal Cocktail Ring

7 Charming Sisters has amazing, affordable, and super trendy jewelry. Some of my favorite options from them are rings! They have many that are as low as $7 on sale, like this Black Crystal Ring. This month I was able to get my hands on a couple favorites. The first shown is the Alter Ego Black Crystal Cocktail Ring. I love this ring because of the large, round, black design. The center features a crystal design which adds a bit more shine and interesting detail as well. I love a big statement ring because it’s so easy to accessorize with. The glittering black cocktail ring gives a vertical belt of rhinestones with an antique brass metal finish. I also adored the name to this ring, who wouldn’t want something that started with an Alter Ego? 😉

Open Faced Crystal Band Ring

open faced crystal ring band

The second ring I was gifted, is the Open Faced Crystal Ring Band. Consequently, I love to style this ring because it has an open-faced crystal band, which makes it more interesting and easy to layer with other pieces because of its petite size. Additionally, the crystals on the end have an opalescent affect with crystal accents. Most noteworthy, the rings mentioned are gold but pair well with silver and rose gold. This ring is currently only $17.

Turquoise Green Crystal Link Bracelet

turquoise green crystal link bracelet

The third piece 7 Charming Sisters kindly gifted me was their beautiful Iridescent Green Crystal Link Bracelet. The bracelet features green crystals that are almost blue. Therefore, the Crystal creates a turquoise color that shines in the sun. I also enjoy styling it with other turquoise jewelry. The bracelet offers a link clasp as well, sized accordingly to fit every wrist. Another detail of the iridescent bracelet are the fiery flashes of orange and yellow, making this a versatile piece to wear with many different colored looks! This bracelet goes for $27. Adding more versatility to every outfit, blue makes a perfect addition to winter themed looks.


Furthermore, I’ve never been a person who wore specific jewelry, colors, or even nail polish per season. I style my looks with different textures, patterns, or seasonally odd color choices throughout the year. This brightens my day and adds some fun into each outfit, keeping them fresh and new feeling.

Customers of 7 Charming Sisters may use my code “AUTUMN15” for 15% off at checkout. I highly recommend checking out their sale section, this trendy site has a lot to offer!

Sponsored by 7 Charming Sisters, this post features opinions of my own. 

What Is The Purpose of Couture Fashion?

I’ve heard countless opinions of fashion. Who wears these runway clothes that look so uncomfortable and outlandish? Who would wear something like that on a day to day basis? Well, the answer is, not a lot of people. No one who has a full-time job and needs to be on their feet all day. No one who wears clothes for comfort, to cover oneself and remain a functioning part of this society. Individuals who love fashion, who breathe fashion, who are inspired and motivated – driven – by fashion, are the ones who wear it (if at all). Many of us who intensely appreciate high-fashion, design, and haute couture, cannot afford the luxury of owning such things. The price points are so unattainable that only a small percentage of us can and will purchase the larger ticketed items.


Fashion is an art form. It’s about expressing our mood, individuality, how we’re feeling, what inspires us. We literally wear our hearts on our sleeve. That all black outfit says a lot about your personality. So does that frumpy outfit that’s three sizes too big for you. Or the sexy dress with heels that just might show a little too much skin for your grandmother. You can literally read how someone is feeling, or how they feel about themselves – their confidence levels – by what they choose to display on their body. Fashion is the art of expressing oneself without having to speak.


Designs on the runway are slowly copied, so while something looks unwearable, and wildly crazy to one person, it likely effects what society wears in future seasons. For instance, the color of the design, the print or texture, the way something is cut and styled, is passed down from brand to brand and eventually introduced to the mainstream, the vast majority of the public. The one trick, is that the bright colors, or odd shape and cut, will be watered down in the larger stores. So, while you may think fashion is foolish, and no one wears designer couture, or what’s seen walking down the runway, that’s highly untrue. In fact, you will wear something that was inspired, or copied timeless times, by a runway piece. This is the reason why certain demographics end up dressing the same. There are similar trends in all the department stores by the end of one fall season. Not every brand has the budget to create something new and exciting. Smaller brands copy larger brands, in a more miniscule way. It’s the perfect example of a trickle-down effect.


The awe-struck emotion I felt when I watched my first shows at Fashion Week, was something I’ll never forget. The way the clothes moved and flowed with the air on the models was pure magic. Seeing something original, with inspirations from politics, emotion, culture, is breath taking. I watched a piece of clothing that was created in someone’s mind, moved to a piece of paper, then to a needle, slowly come to life and be shown to the world for the first time. And that, is what fashion is made for. 

How To Grow Longer, Stronger Hair Naturally

I have come across a few amazing hair tips that I learned within the past few years especially. About two years ago, I had a really horrible haircut. Asking for long layers and balayage at a so-so salon was a big mistake! She gave me highlights, but then instead of balayage, she drew highlights freely by my roots. So that gave me this disgusting, zebra, stripy look. So then she gave me long layers, and ended up taking half my hair off. I was not happy with that and normally never have short hair (unless I go for the occasional 10-year lob). A few months later, I ended up getting a haircut again, and she did a really amazing job. My hair was fairly short, above my shoulders, and around my neck for quite some time. It looked healthier, and I finally loved the color again.

Shop My Favorite Hair Products

Heat Protectant

So what I’ve found that works for me the most, is not using heat on my hair. If I do, I have to use a heat protectant. My favorite is the 180 professional brand. I use a combination of three products every day, or every time I wash my hair. That’s really protected my hair from adding extra damage. I use that even on days where I don’t apply heat to my hair and let it air dry. I try to let it air dry at least once a week to give it a break.

Hair Masks

I used a ton of masks on my hair at first, when it was severely broken. I put coconut oil in my hair overnight, and slept with it on. Then, I’d wash my hair twice in the morning to get the coconut oil out, so it wouldn’t be greasy. I would use hair masks from Sally’s, when I wasn’t using the coconut oil… every single time I washed. I’ve heard you’re only use the masks or oil once a week at most. I would use them every single time I showered as a normal conditioner, and just let it sit there for as long as possible. I think that really helped overall with the smoothness and the shininess. It also helped brushing easier.

Hair cuts – Helpful or Not?

I also haven’t gotten a cut for two years. This is not recommended, stylists will tell you to get a trim at least every two months. But my locks have just grown so much since, and while I do have a ton split ends, I think it’s better than having a horrible haircut. At this point time, I no longer trust stylists… I don’t trust that they’re not going to ruin my hair. So basically, I minimize heat, I try not to wash it a lot as well. I normally wash my hair every other day religiously, because my roots do get greasy (my hair is thick, but the individual strands are fine). If I don’t have to go out in public a lot or something, on the third day, I’ll put my hair up. That way, I’m not putting heat, water, or anymore damage in my locks.

Brushing Differently

Another super helpful step I’ve taken, is brushing my mane regularly in on the morning and at night. I flip my head upside down and I brush it upside down. My scalp feels so refreshed afterwards. That supposedly brings the blood flow to your head, which does something to the follicles and makes them active. This also helps distribute your natural oils. I’ll also throw a little bit of dry shampoo in the next day when I have dirty hair.

Final Thoughts

I believe the combination of all these things – between the heat protectant, masks, brushing differently, not using as much heat, and not getting a cut, has really helped it grow.  I’ve looked at natural, organic masks, but I don’t want to put egg, avocado, mayonnaise, or vegetable oil in my locks. Staying with coconut oil seemed to help the shininess and smoothness of my hair tremendously. I normally have fairly smooth tresses, but it was like hay when I ended up bleaching it too much. This even helped my split ends appear less obvious. The coconut oil is an amazing over-night body moisturizer too!

Let me know if you use any of these tips already, or if you’re planning on it, and how well they work! Visit for my hair and beauty advice!