San Francisco Eats + Sights

As you may know already, I was away in San Francisco last week! I ate the best food, it’s so fresh in California you will always crave more. There’s plenty of varieties, including Italian, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, and some amazing seafood. My favorites are the Franciscan and Cioppino’s down by Fishermans Wharf. If you’re in the mood for a Louis (crab) salad or any seafood, this is the place to be.


Head over to Ghirardelli’s for a sundae afterwards! If you’re in the mood for cupcakes check out Susie Cakes, they’re literally the best you will ever eat. Everything is home made with no artificial preservatives, or trans-fats. I normally hate cupcakes/cake but this frosting is unique and not too sweet, the red velvet is absolutely dreamy.


In the mood for a little sight seeing? Check out the Marina for a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate and Alcatraz.



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Autumn Whewell



Cupcakes with frosting that’s not too sweet sounds like it’s worth the visit! Thanks for sharing, always wanted to visit SF.

It’s the best! ???? thanks for reading


Wow I want to go there now for so bad! Lovely post!

Thank you for reading! I definitely recommend taking a trip if possible, it’s a great city. xx Autumn


Sounds like you had a great time. I love the look of San Francisco.

It’s such a beautiful city. Thanks for reading!

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