Second Day Haircare Featuring Eva NYC

Hey lovelies! Today I’m talking all about managing second (or third) hair. I have a thick head of hair but individually my strands are very fine and thin, this means I build up oil fast and would prefer to wash my hair daily if I had the time and energy.

I’ve recently tried a marvelous dry shampoo by Eva NYCsold at CVS – that takes away the need for a daily wash, I’m obsessed with their formula which includes a natural rice starch that’s a gentle alternative to talc or aluminum. The Dry Shampoo offers Vitamin C to enhance shine, moisturize and strengthen. I am such a fan of this product because it leaves my hair feeling soft and refreshed, not stiff and difficult to brush like many other dry shampoo’s. With Eva Nyc, I can brush and comb my fingers through my locks with ease to create any hairstyle, instead of just throwing it up to hide the excess oils. My hair is left feeling clean and totally manageable with an impeccable scent. I really can’t mention enough how much of a difference there is from this product (miracle worker) to others that I was using previously. I’m never going back! The Dry Shampoo of course adds instant volume with no white residue.fullsizeoutput_2fb6Tips on using: spray lightly, I like to see a bit of color so I know there’s enough product on but not so much that I look like a grandparent. I spray gently first on my roots near my part, then along my front hairline. If I really want that first day, bouncy look I will separate my hair in one inch sections down my part and spray the roots again. I do not spray my entire head or even the mid to ends length. I would estimate I part my hair 1-2 times on each side, and use less product as I work my way downwards. I also spray the back (top) part of my hair while scrunching it upwards to get the necessary sections. After I’m finished applying the product, I let it sit for a minute or two, then softly scrunch my roots together, almost like I’m naturally teasing my hair. This increases the amount of volume and spreads the product while also getting rid of any white residue. This is important because you do not want to apply too much product or skip rubbing it in! Dry Shampoo is totally different from hair spray my friends.

Have you tried Eva NYC products yet? Let me know in the comments!

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And it looks like it smells so nice????. Is it appropriate for every hair type? Also, do check out my last blog post, perhaps you’d also like to enter the blogging contest ✨

Hi there! Thanks for commenting! Yes this product smells heavenly, I do believe the Eva NYC dry shampoo is appropriate for every hair type. It wouldn’t hurt to try!


I love this dry shampoo!!!

Yes! It’s so amazing!

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