Staying Fresh: Winter Beauty Regime

Being a part of the oily royalty club my whole life, I have never complained of dry skin. But this winter the heat inside and dry air outside has taken it’s toll on my hair and skin. I’ve learned the only thing that works is preventative measures!


For Hair:

  • Use moisturizing and strengthening masks on a weekly basis. This always helps my hair, favorites being anything with coconut oil or even doing an organic coconut oil mask overnight. (Wash twice if you do this!)
  • Decrease your amount of heat on the hair. I went a full week without heat and was so, so proud of myself – I normally can’t go one wash without it! This also promotes hair growth and decreases split ends in general.
  • For blondes: use a purple shampoo to keep strands bright and ashy in the winter time in between touch ups! I love the stuff because I’m trying to grow my locks out and haven’t dyed/bleached it in ages (or so it seems).
  • Lastly, use a dry shampoo in between washes to extend the beauty a day longer. This will also keep your hair from becoming too dry and fragile from over washing and heating.

For Faces:

  • Utilize the power of moisturizers! I put mine on at night, and in the day, sometimes applying a second round if my skin feels tight. The Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer has been a life saver for me, I haven’t noticed any breakouts because of it.
  • I use face masks monthly, either my clay mask or Murad duo. A clay mask will draw out impurities and smooth skin while the Murad works wonders for blackheads.
  • My number 1 lip balm has always been Burts Bees!

For Skin:

  • Apply a thorough amount of lotion daily, right after the shower when your skin can absorb the most. I personally love Vaseline Cocoa Butter.
  • Exfoliate if needed – use lotion after!
  • I also like to carry a good hand lotion in my purse.

How do you keep up with winter skin? Let me know in the comments! 


Autumn Whewell



Thanks for sharing….

Thank you for reading! ????


Thanks for sharing this, my skin gets really dry in winter so I always moisturize and exfoliate. I’m usually too lazy to do a face mask frequently 🙂

I try to do a mask on Sunday’s but it’s hard to keep up sometimes! This lotion has really helped me. Thanks for reading ????Autumn


Great tips. This will come in really handy. ????

Thank you for reading ????Autumn


Great post! I swear by the Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo.

It’s so good! Thanks for reading ???? Autumn


Great round up! I’ll have to try some of your skincare routine. Maybe the Neutrogena oil free moisturizer!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of the moisturizer! ????Autumn


Is the Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo your favorite you’ve used? I notice your hair is dark and I have struggled with finding a good, inexpensive dry shampoo that actually works with my dark hair!
xo Tausha

Definitely! The trick is spraying from a distance only a little at a time, parting your hair and spraying roots, let it dry for a second then rub in with hands in a shaking motion to get rid of the white color ???? hope this helps!

Yes it absolutely does! Thank you!

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