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Hey lovelies! I recently had the pleasure of working with Mel from @the_illustrated who drew a few photos of me from my blog! I’ve always loved her creative illustrations because of their life like appearance and inspiration from fashion so I was honored when she chose to me as a subject.

Mel has a history in marketing and graphic design, she works mainly with ink and watercolor paint for her unique illustrations. She has enjoyed the arts from a young age and is hoping to work with accessories or stationary in the future. Mel enjoys sketching away in her kitchen while managing time with her daughter.

Check out the originals for comparison!

Let me know what you think of her work! ????

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Autumn Whewell



I love the effort you have put in to this blog. I wonder though if an illustrator is expensive, and does it financially pay off with your blog. Just curious!

Hi there, thank you so much! I was lucky enough to have @the_illustrated draw me without asking for compensation, I’m sure she could work something out if you were interested ????

Is there more direct contact details available for the illustrated?

You can find her on Instagram @the_illustrated ????


Her drawings are soft and romantic – instantly likeable.

I definitely agree! Thanks for reading ???? Autumn


great work, really enjoyed it.

Mel’s work is truly incredible! Thanks for reading. xx Autumn


Her work is beautiful!

Most definitely! Thank you for reading ????


Wow, I love it

She’s amazing! Thank you for reading ????


wow love these illustrations perfect similarities to yourself

Aren’t they great?! Thank you for reading ????


terrific! good jobs

Thank you, enjoy your day! ????


thats awesome!!! I love here work!! great post xxx

I do too, thank you for reading! ????


She’s amazing!!

I love her work! Thank you for commenting ????

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