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This trend kind of snuck up on me big time this year. I started seeing front-tie tops last year and earlier this year. The beginning of this trend I noticed was more towards tops that tied at the waist, cinching it in and creating more of an hourglass figure. The new way to wear it has been a tie at the chest. I’m absolutely loving this trend because it’s so flattering, and on many body types. With a sweetheart neckline, the front tie pulls the chest together, providing a lifting effect. It gave me amazing cleavage without showing too much skin. This style also automatically cinches the waist as it pulls the waist of the garment inwards. This dress in particular was perfect for my body type. I also love something that creates that ultimate hour glass figure. A-lines are a go-to for me as well because they give more of a flattering shape.

Styling The Front-Tie Trend

If you’re new to the front-tie trend I suggest starting with a dress because creating the rest of the ensemble is easier. All you have to add are accessories. I also love seeing front-tie tops (the waist and bust versions) paired with denim, skinny pants, wide-leg pants, and skirts. It gives such a pulled together, chic look. The fabric used for this trend tends to be of higher quality, or at least gives off that image.

Accessorizing According To The Season

With this outfit I added a multi colored blanket scarf for warmth and to give more of a fall vibe. The blanket scarf is worn as a shawl here, blending with the flowing dress. I wrapped it around in different ways, based on how harsh the wind was. Keeping a blanket scarf untied, as a shawl, creates more of an effortless look. Wearing the booties also made the dress more appropriate for chillier weather.

Have you tried the front-tie trend yet? Will you? Let me know in the comments!

autumn whewell

autumn whewell

Autumn whewell autumn whewell

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